How to Use Email Marketing Tools to Get Outstanding Result

I've been a digital marketer for more than 10 years now. And Email marketing has been my single biggest growth driver since day one.
A lot of social platforms and communication systems have died since the beginning of the internet. Many marketers thought that email marketing will die.  
When Gmail introduced multiple tabs like promotions and updates, people thought that its the end of email marketing. Because Gmail pretty much controls the entire market. But Email isn't dead, yet.
You are reading this post from me right now, and this communication system is not going away anywhere.
I believe email will be the foundation of digital marketing now, and for the future.
You see, email pre-dates the internet.
According to the centre of computing history:
"Sent by computer engineer Ray Tomlinson in 1971, the email was simply a test message to himself. The email was sent from one computer to another computer sitting right beside it in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but it traveled via ARPANET, a network of computers that was the precursor to the Internet."
The world wide web and the internet came after email.
Email is just a technology to transmit messages from one person to another. It is independent of websites and apps.

        How Email Marketing Changes Life of Digital Marketers ?

I can have my own domain name, and receive email on it, and I have a level playing field with any website on the internet, including Google itself. Email is the greatest equalizer of the internet.
Even before email, we were hooked to sending and receiving messages. We were using telegram (not the app) to send short messages through post offices.
Then we also wrote long letters using pen and paper, and mailed it.
Dropping the envelop inside the post box was today's equivalent of hitting the send button. Once it is inside the post box, it's done. No editing, no deleting, no change.
And before we had post officies and a postal network, we used to send written messages through doves. Write in a scroll, tied it to the dove's and let it fly to your friend or lover.
There is a power in communication that cannot be edited once it is sent out. Though the technology allows it, we don't want such a facility.
We don't want to send an email and have the option to edit the content, or redact it. All the internet users have kinda agreed to keep email as close to the old messaging system as possible.

How to use Email Marketing Tools

There is a level of authenticity and seriousness to a message when it cannot be edited. Just like the old days where once a letter is written, put into an envelope and dropped in the post box, there is no going back.
That's why even after Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Social Media, Instagram and all the latest and greatest apps are not able to beat email.
Tomorrow email will not go down even if Google, Facebook, Instagram, App Store or even Gmail itself goes down.
I can still send emails from my mail id using a different app because the technology layer that is the foundation of email is more fundamental and democratic than any company or app that is built on top of it.
Just like one-to-one postal mail existed before the age of internet, direct mail campaigns (one to many) was being carried out by many companies. Brands that discovered how to leverage direct mail made a lot of profits.
For consumers, receiving an mail is an exciting thing. We as humans want to be communicated to.
Imagine going to a social gathering and being alone. Imagine how would you feel if no one talked to you.
And on the contrary, if many people wanted to come and talk to you, you would feel great. You would feel wanted and special. Even if it meant getting tired of it and not being able to handle many conversations at the same time.
Receiving something in the post box is the same feeling. Someone wants to contact you, and you feel special about it.
That's why we check for messages, emails and social media updates on our phone as soon as we wake up. Sometimes even before we drink water or brush our teeth.
Even if we have 10,000+ unread messages, we are still excited to see a new message pop.
The number changing in the inbox is an addiction that we will never get rid of. It's in the human psyche. The need to be communicated to is hard-wired in us.
Some forms of system and technology take root and never change. Because the value of the technology lies in how many people use it. The more people use it, the more it is valuable.
For example, English as a language will never go away even if scientists invent a new form of language that is much easier and powerful than English. That's because the value of English as a language lies in how many people can talk and understand English. Network effects.
Did you know that the keyboard layout we have is actually inefficient? It is hard to type because the vowels are not nearby, but spread out on the keyboard. This was done because in the age of typewriters, if frequently used letters were placed together, they keys of the type writer would get stuck.
So they made the layout in such a way that the most frequently used characters are spaced much apart. If you type and pay attention to your typing, you will observe that every letter you type is a swing from one end of the keyboard to another.
There is a much more efficient layout for the digital age - it is called the Dvorak keyboard. (The one we use is called QWERTY keyboard layout).
Though Dvorak is much more efficient and easier to type with, the whole world uses QWERTY keyboard because it has become the standard. It is much more convenient to follow the standard because manufacturers have a cost to change and people have a cost to learn a new layout.
Similarly, email has become a standard.
Widely accepted across the planet and simple to use.

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Independent of websites and internet brands. Once sent, you can't redact it. I don't think this standard is going away anytime soon.
Even if Elon Musk helped humans reach Mars, I'm pretty sure that we would be sending email to people across planets.
Apart from humans being users to "letters" for thousands of years, email also gives the capability to craft personalized communication at scale that is almost impossible with social media.
With enough segmentation and automation, I can send personalized emails to 100,000+ people. This very email has a name tag with your name in it
Personalization is not possible with social media. Whatever I post on Facebook or Instagram is going to be the same for all my followers. That's why social media will never kill email. And email marketing will never die.
Email marketing is not just my choice of tool for growth in my business. As a digital marketing agency (Digitaliana) we have got insane results for big brands using email marketing.
Email marketing is deep, personalized, and is rooted in the same standard of communication that we humans have loved for 1000s of years since the invention of writing itself.
I am going to bet my future on email marketing as a digital marketer. Would you?

  • Do you think email will go away?
  • Do you think email is here to stay?
Comment on this post and let me know. (I read every comment).
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