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If you are following me on email, blog, through my Facebook group, you would've noticed that I don't just write about digital marketing and entrepreneurship, but also about productivity, goals, dreams, habits and other things related to personal growth.
Most of the time, I write about this because I am also growing personally and I am sharing my journey, thoughts and ideas as I grow. I am just sharing my learning and experience.
FOCUS on your PERSONAL Growth

I've been blogging about digital marketing since 2012, but since then I have also grown a lot on the personal front. Personal growth is always a work-in-progress and no one reaches a pinnacle of personal growth and stops growing.
All of us are growing, all the time, in different areas of our life. Five years down the line, we would have grown personally with life experience and knowledge.
I feel that it is important to talk about personal growth because even the simplest of growth can have massive impact on our career and business.
Let's say you install a small habit in your life - read a book for 30 minutes a day - and you do it regularly. Imagine how much that would help you in your professional growth.
Once you have installed a single habit, you can add more and stack habits. Imagine you start meditating for 30 minutes everyday, regularly. It would give you so much clarity on decision making and your business will grow fast.
The problem with personal growth is that it is very difficult to get a good habit and stick to it. There are many times in my life where I started with a new habit, and it did not last more than a few months.
You can't just read a few books on personal growth, learn from them and be done with it. There are plenty of books out there, but none of them last. The motivation to carry on with habits goes away very quickly.
Reminders for personal growth needs to come from all directions, from all the people around us, all the time. That's why information about personal growth is different from other types of learning we get. Motivation is like taking a bath. It lasts only for 24 hours. That's why we have to motivate ourselves everyday - through learning.
If you live in a world where all the people around you are better than you with habits, knowledge, health, mindset, discipline and so on... you will also become like that.
We are the average of the five people we surround ourselves with. And this not just includes our friends, family and co-workers, but also the people who we learn from, even if it is online. That's why I love to keep writing about life and growth.
The complex things like digital marketing, SEO, app development, marketing funnels are actually easy to implement. But the learning and implementation of such complex things rest on the simple things that our personal life is built around.
All the knowledge that we gain will not be worth anything if we wake up late everyday, treat people badly, stop learning new things, have no focus, have no discipline and become lethargic.
Simple concepts like productivity, habits, healthy routines, learning everyday and helping other people around us are the foundations of life. Simple things creates the platform and foundation on top of which complex things can be built.
I believe that schools and colleges should focus more on personal growth than focusing on engineering, mathematics, physics and so on. Because without a strong personal life, everything else will crash like a house of cards.
Think about all the intelligent people who got into bad habits and ruined their lives because all the technical knowledge had no foundation to stand upon. Science and technology fades away when we cannot sort out the simple things in our life.
Everyday, learn something about personal growth. Read a blog, read a book chapter, talk to friends about it and most importantly - think about your personal life and how you can make yourself better. If you put your mind to it, everything else will follow.
All the business and career growth will come automatically as you grow on the personal front.
What do you think?
Do you think personal growth is important and your career is dependent on your personal growth?
Comment to this Post and let me know.

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