1000 Reasons Why Donald Trump will be Next President in US Election 2020

It’s a little too far out to say that I would definitively vote for Trump. I didn’t vote for him last time. I picked a third party candidate running as a conservative in my state. 

Who Would You Vote For 2020 Presidential Election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump

There were several reasons I didn't vote for him the first time around. Some of those reasons haven’t changed, and I don’t expect them to change between now and 2020, such as questionable moral character and his narcissistic immaturity. 

The other reasons I didn’t vote for him had to do with lack of experience and even a basic understanding of how our government works; and, I was uncertain of how he would govern and whether he would actually implement the conservative policies he ran on. 

I also wasn’t sure he really wanted the job and would take it seriously. I think he was really surprised he won.

Well, in 2020 he will have plenty of experience being president. He has been totally engaged in the job and he is in my opinion one of the more successful presidents at actually keeping his promises thus far. 

So, it will come down to how he acts between now and then and whether there is some credible scandal that comes out (other than another porn star). 

I expect him to be Trump between now and then, so that will probably not keep me from voting for him. He’s pulled it off so far, and I actually like that he speaks his mind and doesn’t put up with political correctness and crap from the media. 

He’ll have to go beyond where he’s been in his behavior to lose my vote.

                                Vote for Donald Trump 2020

As far as Biden, I don’t think I would vote for him because I couldn’t see myself voting for a democrat. There are too many areas we would disagree. 

However, if I were ever to vote for a democrat, he would be the kind of person I could possibly consider pulling the lever for because he seems to be a classic liberal. 

These days someone like him is pretty centrist in the democrat party. If he does run, though, I would expect that he would be pulled much farther to the left in his promises and policies. 

That would be too bad, because I think a classic liberal would have a chance with democrat voters who are liberal but not leftists.

I see this question has become a Trump cult meeting, so I`m going to interject for the sake of everyone`s sanity.
I would vote for Joe Biden, without question. If he had run in 2016, he would have crushed Trump, though the death of his son is a pretty good reason not to run for president, so I understand. 
Biden might have some problems on the campaign trail, seeing how he is quite old and the Democrats seem to be trending in a younger direction, which I think is good. 
But, if he runs and gets the nomination, I`ll have a lot more faith in him than even some other Democrats, as he was a senator and VP.
Trump just hasn`t done anything to give me faith in him. The guy is disrespectful, whether it`s to foreign leaders or to the military, doesn`t seem to know how government works, and thinks bullying people is the way to get people to do what he wants. 
That is not a healthy or constructive way to govern, and he is every stereotype of the ugly American. His tax cut did not go to the people who need it the most, and taxes will rise next year as the IRS adjusts for inflation. 
Other than that, Trump really has nothing he can take credit for other than trying to screw people out of healthcare. We need someone in office who is going to bat for all Americans, not just those who voted for him. 
We need someone who understands that for society and the American people to prosper, everyone needs to have affordable healthcare, relative job security, a living wage, and we need to get serious about climate change again. 
America does not live in its own world, and we can`t pretend we do; we will rot.
Also, I confess it`s a little bit personal: I live overseas currently and was traveling for much of the last two years. 
All I hear about is Trump and what-about-this and why-is-it-like-this and I just want to be treated as a citizen of the world again, not some alien who crash-landed here.
I hope other Democrats and liberals see it this way, and don`t sit on their hands because whoever is the nominee didn`t say that all transgender people are legally demigods or something.

None of the above. Fortunately I live in a state that’s blue enough that if it did come down to Biden or Trump, 
I can vote 3rd party without worrying about Biden losing the state. But I really hope the Democrats aren’t dumb enough to run another establishment Dem again. 
Sanders would have slaughtered Trump, but sadly the Democrats played games with the primaries to get their darling in. 
But people are sick of the status quo. People are sick of a party that ignores the needs of the people. That’s why Trump won - he was able to talk to the needs of the people (even if he was a lying sack of shit, and even if the people who voted for him because of that were fools for thinking that someone with a gold toilet would ever care about them).
At this point, we need new blood. My ideal would be Tulsi Gabbard. She supports many of the policies that Sanders does, even resigning her position in the DNC to support him. 

She also served in the military, leaving office to do so. If it comes down to Trump or another establishment Dem, then the smartest thing would be for someone like Sanders or Gabbard to break off and run 3rd party. 

Yes it would split the Dem vote, but it would also split the Trump vote, giving people who actually did vote for Trump in the hopes that he would support them a candidate who actually will support them. 

Anyone left who would vote for Trump wouldn’t have voted Biden anyway.

Although I have stated here several times that Biden or Gillibrand at the present time are the only two Democratic candidates that I would consider, nevertheless at this point the choice has to be Trump. 
Day by day he is proven himself to be a great leader, I am so impressed with his ability to shake off all the negativity that surrounds him. 
Between the press, the shameless behavior of US Senators and the phony collusion narrative, that is a lot to deal with.
I have always liked Joe Biden personally and Gillibrand seems to be someone that I could agree with on many policies, I could be wrong but she seems to be the most centrist, in fact the only real centrist Democrat at this time. 

My major issue with them at this point is not themselves personally, it is the absolute degradation of their party ever since 2008. 

The Democrats were the party of my father and grandfather, I am pretty sure they would be shocked and disgusted by the present state of This organization which once legitimately represented the views and aspirations of working class and middle-class Americans

Well, let’s see. On one side is an experienced,honest, truth-telling, wonderful fellow who has the interests of the people at heart; he HAS a heart even. That’s Joe Biden.
On the other hand, there is an inexperienced, dishonest liar who is interested mostly in getting re-elected, making more money and influence for himself, and wants public attention all the time, even to the point of lying to get it. 
He is heading up the most corrupt swamp administration ever. People taking private planes at government expense, making visits home at taxpayer expense,private phone booths in offices at our expense, buying $30,000 tables at public expense, etc. 
I’m tired of paying millions for Trump travel and protection for golf trips and political rallies. Oh, let’s include taking children away from their parents and incarcerating them or even putting them up for adoption here. Ridiculous! And criminal! That would be the Donald.
I would vote for neither.
While Trump is an ambulatory dumpster fire, Joe has an abysmal record as a legislator. He’s notoriously a creature of the financial sector and generally pro-corporate, he is notoriously a hawk, for all his posturing as a progressive he is a center-right politician… and he has a record of being creepily handsy with woman and girls (never mind his awful treatment of Anita Hill).
Is he a crypto-fascist (or an increasingly overt fascist, like Trump)? No. But I would argue that neoliberalism , with its capitalism fetish, is a political philosophy that has enabled America’s generations-old tendency toward fascism to grow, even flourish. 
America needs a clean break from BOTH parties.
I will vote for whichever candidate of ANY party affiliation who supports the policies and vision of the future I support, period.

If the 2020 Presidential election were between a rock and Donald Trump, I would vote for the rock. My reason? The rock would lie there, all day, every day. 
Donald Trump would lie, all day, every day. As usual. Also, the rock wouldn’t use the office to enrich itself at the expense if the taxpayer. 
Or try to imitate the esteemed leaders of Russia and North Korea. Or appoint people to run the very agencies they’ve publicly stated they would like to destroy. 
Or any number of other truly awful things Trump has done. It would just… lie there.
Joe Biden would be miles better than the rock.

Okay, this question is offensive, it requires so much unpacking.
  1. You’re assuming Biden is going to usurp the DNC primary nomination, despite growing, and increasingly mounting evidence to the contrary. 
  2. Joe Biden apparently can’t make it through a single debate or function without putting his foot in his mouth. Robin Williams made fun of him in his 2009 comedy special for this inability to articulate himself in any presentable fashion. 
  3. Joe Biden resorts to defending his “bussing” record against attacks from Kamala Harris using the exact same “states’ rights” argument exhibited by Barry Goldwater to defend himself from accusations of racism when he opposed the Civil Rights Act. 
  4. Joe Biden has deliberately been shielded from Elizabeth Warren on both the MSNBC and CNN debates and then they had the nerve to tell you that the debate night selections for first and second rounds on each channel were “random.” Biden is being protected by neoliberal corporatist interests because they’re infinitely aware that the more you’re forced to watch him on a level playing field…the more 
  5. it will occur to you that he’s a duckturd who needs to be replaced by someone with something more to offer than name recognition.
  6.  After Biden implodes, the corporatists will then try to sell you on Harris or Booker…as they’re trying to protect them from Warren on the debate stages too. It appears that the poll numbers indicate they are slowly failing at that task.
  7. You’re assuming that Trump will make it to the general election. I have to assume that you’re either a Democrat or an independent on the basis of your implied fear of Trump. 

  8. And you should, to a certain extent, dread his continued incumbency. But the fact of the matter is…now Walsh is challenging him, baiting other Republicans to challenge him…Bill Weld has sustained a luke-warm primary challenge against him…and no sitting incumbent President has entertained a primary challenger since President Carter. 
  9. The difference, of course, is that even Carter didn’t have unfavorables (57% will NOT vote for Trump under any circumstance) quite like Trump in ’79 or ‘80. I didn’t necessarily agree with it a week ago, 
  10. but it is entirely possible that a narcissist of the Tangerine Caligula’s degree will chose the humiliation of bowing out…rather than dealing with the ignominy of a general election humiliation or even worse…being unseated by a dark horse.
 it will, in almost all mathematical certainty, overblown fears of the 2016 election notwithstanding…be some Democrat who assumes office in January 2021. And it may very well be a corporatist hack like Harris, as the prostitutes at MSNBC (with the exception of Maddow) and CNN are working to ensure. 

But the likelihood that it will be a simple-Simon binary choice between Biden or the Tangerine Caligula is quite low.

At this moment I can't say. I didn't vote for Trump or HRC in '16, because I didn't feel that either reflected my values. Obviously I know that no candidate will ever check all of my boxes so usually I pick who would best represent me. Usually that's the libertarian candidate.
I have a lot of problem with howTrump ha s governed but I also approve of many of the things he's done. I don't feel any attraction to Biden as a candidate. He's a known commodity and I don't think he'll push policies that reflect my beliefs.
Ultimately for me, I think the choice won't come down to Biden vs Trump but Trump vs unamed libertarian candidate.

I would happily vote for Biden. I like him and trust him. He always has the people in his heart and he would fight for us. 

It would be good to be able to believe what the President says. He has eight years experience as Vice-President and was Obama’s best friend. Prior to that, he was in the senate for 36 years. 

Over the years we have seen his wife and baby daughter killing in an auto accident. He remarried later to a wonderful woman and they raised his children together. All the years he worked as a Senator and Vice-President, 

he always rode the same train to work and home. Sadly the year that Trump began campaigning and we thought Joe was going to run against him, his son Beau died of brain cancer. Once again he had to mourn the death of his son and wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the Presidency. 

In comparing the two for President there is no comparison. Trump has been President for almost two years. He gave the rich a very large tax cut and ignored the middle class. 

He kidnapped the children of the families applying for visas and still has 500 locked up without their parents. He wants to cut social security and welfare to make up the money he gave to the rich. 

He uses the office to improve himself financially and wants white only refugees. He doesn’t like black citizens, Muslims, and says they are from sh—hole countries. 

He averages 30 lies a day and the news programs have to fact check everything he says. 

He has no government experience and seems to spend his whole day watching the news channels to see what they say about him. He has a base of voters that he can count on. They feel the same way he believes.

My answer to your first question is Biden. That was easy.
As for the second question; ‘Why?’ is a bad question under any circumstances. Including school tests. It opens more cans of worms than it closes. 
Please regard the following as my attempt at a partial answer. A complete answer is one that may require years of analysis; psycho and otherwise. None of us has either the time or energy to undergo that.
I want to say that I am not a single issue voter. JRB’s voting record is available to anyone that asks. DJT’s positions on various issues before his nomination was unknown. Not the least reason because he had never run for political office before.
Second, this answer is based on a single issue and is a superficial one at that. It is based on about six minutes of internet research so take it as you will.
Third, DJT has already accused Google of being biased against him. Apparently a lot of people also think that the world is against them. I happen to think that Google’s search algorithms are pretty good.
The overall point is that I don’t expect that this will change anybody’s mind one way or the other. It certainly wouldn’t change mine.
I asked Google a pair of questions and I got the following results:
Has Donald J. Trump been shown to be a liar?
Has Joseph R. Biden been shown to be a liar?
That’s it.
It may also be useful to compare what is seen on the first page of both google queries.
I suggest that you try it for yourself and let us know what the results are. That’s all of you; not just the questioner.

In a heartbeat because trump is just foul. Corruption of the highest order. Nothing to be proud of in the beast . 

He is all about business interest not human interest. I don't want to see the day he runs around saying look at me I was president I have a bridge to sell you…
He is hacking away at hard fought for rights while everyone is looking at the direction he points out. You think the front is bad mood what he is doing quietly us worse

Well neither of them would be my first choice. Or second. Or third.
  1. They’re both too old
  2. They’re both out of touch with everyday Americans
  3. There are soooooo many well qualified, younger candidates who will hopefully be running.
I’d like to see somebody like Kamala Harris run against Trump, or if the worst happens to him (either impeachment or his resignation) Pence. Cory Booker would be good too.
But if I absolutely positively had to pick between those (and only those 2 men) I’d go with Biden.
He’s saner than Trump. Has more experience in how the government is supposed to work. Isn’t engulfed in countless scandals that would have brought any Democratic president down by now. 

The reason for that is of course that Republicans currently control all 3 branches of government. I’m hoping that changes in another 2 weeks. And then officially in January.

I’m hoping trump is removed from office before then because, if he remains until 2020, whoever succeeds him is going to have at least 8 years of damage control ahead! 

I would NEVER - HAVE NEVER - voted for trump. Joe Biden will be quite old for a president by then but he also is a uniter, not a divider, has a ton of experience with how government should work - and is widely liked overseas. (Except, 

I’m sure, by Putin - who would be losing his “useful idiot” if Joe Biden is elected.) I would REALLY like to see Eric Swalwell and/or Joaquin Castro or Jim Himes, all younger but plenty smart and level-headed - step up to national politics.

I’d vote for a Massive Turd Dressed in Beige over Donald. J Trump any day and twice on Sunday. 
Since Massive Turd would be completely ineffective, at least the rest of the government would be allowed to function.
The same cannot be said of the current turd in the oval office, who by being sentient is able to direct the government to do stupid and awful things.
See the logic? Come on, Massive Turd Dressed in Beige 2020 is clearly a better choice.
Now, since I think very highly of Uncle Joe Biden, I would obviously vote for him over Trump, but that doesn’t really matter, does it? I don’t want Biden to run, I want him to stay retired.
So give me the chance to vote for Massive Turd, he’ll be enough of an improvement.

This would be an important election for me because it would mark the first time I can vote in a presidential election.

 I have followed the Trump Presidency closely and I certainly remember the Obama Presidency. I am in the middle class to prefece my answer. 

I have watched my parents thrive financially significantly more under the Trump Presidency than under the Obama Presidency. 

If Biden was so great, then he would have helped make the Obama Presidency better. Therefore, I would place my vote for Donald Trump.

The 2020 campaign will not be between Biden &Trump. If he would be the nominee, it would be a gift that keeps on giving.
Biden ran [shortly] twice and the first time he was forced to drop for reasons of plagiarizing. In his 2 prior efforts, he never got above 3% in the polls.
As you can tell, my vote would be for Trump. I do not fully like his style of management but I am thrilled with his results.

Easy President Trump, because he is doing a good job with the economy and it would be nice to watch him get the job done. 

Joe Biden has no experience, granted he may have been better than Obama was. But Donald Trump would make a much better president than Biden would.

I would never vote for Joe Biden. Something is wrong with his temperament, his memory, his perceptions. Unless the media spotlights one Democrat at a time so we can hear from them, I would vote again for Trump, even though I dont like his foreign policy ideas. 

There is one Democrat who is reasonable and sensible, I think his name is John Delaney but these obscure people never get interviewed because the DNC makes the choice and they want to put Biden in. 

I find him interesting and realistic.

Probably Donald Trump for his economic gains and second amendment support. 

I do also appreciate that his administration is investigation freedom of speech issues on college campuses. 

I’m not sure how far that’s gone, because I’m not in college anymore but I subsirve to the idea that more speech is the best counter to speech that’s distasteful.

Trump. Because I am a "limited government" type. As much of a big government guy as At this rate, if the Trump/Pence ticket runs against a doorknob and a dead squirrel, I’ll be voting Knob/Squirrel next year.
Doorknobs don’t try to buy Greenland, and dead squirrels don’t obsess about human wombs. Both are terrible orators, but that’s not much change from today.
They may, however, start trade wars with hinges and dead opossums. You can’t have everything.s, 
Biden is even more so. And, Biden has a track record of MORE regulation. Trump has a track record of rescinding regulations.
Besides, Trump has earned my support, for all of the benefit we have seen, since his election.
It's THAT simple.

At this point definitely Trump over Biden. I can not support what the Democrats have become over the past few years and I actually voted for Obama back in 08. 

Until the Democrats reign in the far left part of their party that thinks it's okay to ignore immigration laws, harass people in public, block traffic and the idea that they can waste tax dollars on bloated govt projects that create more problems than they solve then I have no choice but to vote Trump.

If the 2020 Presidential Election is between Joe Biden vs Donald Trump, who would you vote for? Why?

Biden is too old.
Trump is the worst president to serve in the history of the Republic. Also the oldest to assume the office.
Make mine Biden.

Biden, I will not vote for a lying, dishonorable, Draft dodging, Bigot. 
I do not cash in my values and beliefs just because some idiot supports one or more platforms I believe in while standing against the principles I hold. Especially when I know he or she is just playing a game to try and get my vote.
Personally I feel that this is a problem created by the unconstitutional two party system that reduces our decision to two candidates approved by a small number of people. 

It is time to break up the two party system and its strangle hold on power.

Biden all day long. Two reasons:
  1. Joe is a compassionate and experienced politican who leans left like I do. He would do a lot to heal a nation torn in two by the current leadership.
  2. He is not Donald Trump. I would vote for a moldy ham sandwich before I would vote for that mendacious Russian mole.
Donald Trump. The President has a proven track record on economic growth and “America First” policies. 

Mr. Biden was second in charge in the Obama regime, and nothing but embarrassment and misfortune came out of that failed experiment.

I’d probably sit it out to be honest. I mean whoever wins we all lose. Biden doesn’t have the stones to fix things and if he wins it’ll just be harder to replace him with someone who can.
I have no love for Trump but watching him fail to burn everything to the ground is at least kinda funny. Its like watching a dumb kid with a matchbox try time and time again to light a damp log.

At this rate, if the Trump/Pence ticket runs against a doorknob and a dead squirrel, I’ll be voting Knob/Squirrel next year.
Doorknobs don’t try to buy Greenland, and dead squirrels don’t obsess about human wombs. Both are terrible orators, but that’s not much change from today.
They may, however, start trade wars with hinges and dead opossums. You can’t have everything.


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