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In this course you will learn complete web development , as in the series of web development this is our first course so you need to little patience while learning if you are newbie then this is perfect course to start if you already know some thing about web development then you can easily skip this course , I will attach link of advance course in this web page . So lets come to course structure of web development course.

Learn Web Development for Beginners Course

This is first beginner level course , you can make your knowledge stronger with this course.

In this course you are going to learn about following languages.

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. JQuery & At last Perfect Project

Once you will learn all the above basic of web development then we will move forward and create a web template, Template is very important for any web page , if you are able to create template with this course then you can make any web page according to requirement.

This Course will help students to achieve their first beginner level web development skill.

For Learning this course you need only Little knowledge about HTML, and CSS , You will learn rest two with in course.

Learn Web Development From Starting to Advanced

Suggestion for learning Web Development Course :) 

For taking benefit of this course , Watch complete tutorial step by step don't skip any part of video lecture once first video finish write down everything with pen on your notes then move to next video Because coding will take time to learn it's a step by step procedure to learn Web Deveopment, It is not One day course it's a series of learning material. At the end you will become a web developer.

For every coding video try to write every code with your hands so that you will easily understand what is going in the coding. You will try to format or change code according to your needs.

About Web Development Course Trainer

Trainer was doing web development since 2012. At that time web development was very straight forward. But now a days web development became headache. There are new technologies are added and many more are in the queue. I noticed now when someone try to become web developer. People misguides him.

What Trainer did in this course. Trainer combined all the basic things in web development and make a course.
This Course will help every beginner who want to start their career in Web Development

Web Development Course Content

  • Web Development Course Introduction
  • Setting up Coding Environment
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Know Basic HTML Structure
  • Know HTML Image
  • Know HTML Anchor tag
  • Know HTML Table for Beginners
  • Know HTML Table for Advanced
  • Know HTML List Building
  • HTML List Assignment
  • Learn HTML Form Building
  • Do HTML Form Assignment
  • Learn HTML Form Advance
  • DO HTML Form Assignment
  • Know CSS Introduction
  • Learn CSS Background Image
  • Learn CSS Background Size
  • Learn CSS Line Height
  • Learn CSS text align
  • Learn CSS Text Style
  • Learn CSS Text Indent
  • Learn CSS Width Height & Border
  • Learn CSS Margin & Padding
  • Learn CSS Class & ID
  • Learn CSS Inline and Block Level Elements
  • Learn CSS Floats
  • Do CSS Assignment
  • Learn CSS Flex box
  • Learn CSS types
  • Learn CSS Inline - External Style
  • Learn CSS COmment
  • Learn CSS Border Radius
  • Learn CSS Text Transform
  • Learn CSS Width and height with inline element
  • Learn CSS Outline
  • Learn CSS Letter & Word Space
  • Learn CSS Text Shadow
  • Learn CSS Box Shadow
  • Learn CSS hide an element
  • Learn CSS Priority
  • Learn CSS Add google Font

  • Learn CSS parents child tags
  • Learn CSS Child selector
  • Learn CSS Pseudo Element
  • Learn CSS position Static Fixed Relative
  • Introduction to Javascript
  • Learn Javascript Variable
  • Learn Javascript Variable concatenation
  • Learn Javascript if Statement Complete
  • Learn Javascript if-else statement Complete
  • Learn Javascript Loop
  • Learn Javascript For Loop
  • Learn Javascript Array
  • Learn Javascript Objects
  • Learn Javascript Function
  • Introduction to Jquery
  • Learn JQUERY Hello World
  • Learn JQUERY Click events
  • Learn JQUERY Keyword Events

  • Learn JQUERY Form Events
  • Learn JQUERY Functioins
  • Learn JQUERY Ajax

Web Development Course Requirements

You Only Need Laptop or Desktop with Good Internet Connection With Headphone.

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