Car Insurance - How to CLAIM Cashless Benefit From Car Insurance Company ONLINE

Generally Car Insurance is most EXPENSIVE Insurance type, Many people are not aware of black Magic behind this car insurance , At the time of buying car insurance Car insurance company was giving you many free services but when you are claiming back Car Insurance company will Say no to you, Is only you decide which company will provide claim settlement in given type and what type of services you will get during any casualty, you are buying your car insurance right or wrong, Here we will discuss all possibility to get success claim benefit with zero Dollar investment in insurance policy.


This one is major facility not given by Many Car Insurance company , During time of buying car insurance they will say to give proper road side assistance to your car with in one hour of on call service, but majority of cars insurance hide much more information like Area of car accident when you are buying car insurance confirm with your car insurance company that they are providing which location of FREE Service so that you will aware of any situation.


Cashless claim benefit are most serious thing that will check during purchase car insurance, cashless means at the time of claim car benefits you will not pay any amount to car insurance company because if you are not fitting in any terms and condition of car insurance they will surely reject your application or they will demand some price in return of claim benefit , So read there claim form while you are buying car insurance from company. So be sure claim benefit will add in your policy that will be FREE. Also check your car insurance company will provide you free cover to whole car body parts or not many companies hide feature like Broken Glass cover facility or not changing Tyre claim so be care full while checking all these things.


It is one of the most important type of cover you will look while purchasing car insurance, Zero dep cover generally cover all body parts with engine also , Mostly car companies will only cover tyre , plastic or glass cover but your car engine is also costly and important thing that you will look while purchasing car insurance, Many buyer think zero dep cover is full car insurance but many company will only provide you half zero dep car insurance which will again create problem while you are claiming benefit for your car insurance.

According to insurance industry reports from many market research companies there are 4.2 million car owner in the world and every loan and cash car owner buy car insurance from different companies out of them only 0.5 million car owner know true meaning of insurance and how to claim cashless insurance during casualty. when half of million car owner purchase car insurance , So cashless claim is something we cannot ignore.

Almost all the insurance company have a good percentage of their potential customers those are willing to buy car insurance yearly.

The top 3 car insurance comapny in the world are in UNITED STATES, CHINA & INDIA.

In INDIA most of the car owner does not know their potential of cashless cover of their insurance. So result of this more than 60% claim are just rejected in India.


This one also most important while you looking for purchase of car insurance , because most of the cases all casualty happen in this category , car owner should know that THIRD PARTY LIABILITY is also very important in Insurance so that when you meet with some accident you will not pay any amount to front party all things will be maintain by car insurance company and lawyer fees etc, Some are given $5000 - $50000 claim benefit to THIRD PARTY LIABILITY.


Most important claim that will help you in ride freely in anywhere so that mobile car cover all the major cities in your country, if you are travelling lot in country or outside of location check with your car insurance company that they are providing service to outer location or not. so that you should not faceany problem during your happy vacation.

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Don't fall in magic trap of 75% off on car insurance or 60% of car insurance look for facility they are providing you at the time of casuality, for short duration this offer let you face problem in casualty, so be patience while purchasing any car insurance from company, talk to their representative of all facility that you are looking for in insurance

The most important thing is that When you looking for car insurance on internet Google will record your search history and it will show you advertisement based on that car insurance search history. You will get so many search results with ads on search result page also if you have gmail account it will be flooded with car insurance advertisement so you will have so many company name in your list , check with every company that they are providing all above point of service ar not , be sure to looking in to their policy page that they are providing all FREE at the time casuality. You can simply wipe out from policy page but you should not read carefully while purchasing car insurance 

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