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Here are 11 Common Funny English Mistakes Made by Indian

(1) Revert back : The word " revert" means to return, go back, change back. We do not need to add " Back" again after it.

(2) Cousin brother/ Cousin sister : Just saying ' cousin' is enough and correct. We do not need to add brother/ sister after 'cousin' . For example : He is my cousin.

(3) Real brother / Real sister : If you have the same parents, then refer to your siblings a "brother / sister / sibling' . For sons and daughters of uncles or aunta, call them ' cousin'.

(4) Fast Friend : This is incorrect English. If someone is your close friend, you can refer to that person as ' a close friend ' .

(5) Prepone : ' Prepone' is not a valid English word. Although, it is used so often that most Indians eill understand it.

(6) More Better : ' Better ' is the comparative form of 'good' , We do not need to add ' more ' before it. Good --> Better > Best

(7) Introducing oneself using ' Myself ' : ' Myself Sudhir ' is incorrect English. Use: ' I am Amit' or 'My name is amit'.

(8) Forming Plural : The Plural od 'child' is ' children ' . The words ' childs' and ' childrens' are incorrect , Just say ' information ' .

Words like 'Sister in law ' become ' Sisters in law' in the plural form, not 'sister in laws'.

(9) Passout : If you want to say that you finished school or college, use the word ' graduated' or completed my degree 

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