Why Do You Want to Join the IT sector As a EEE ,ETC , Mechanical , Civil engineer - HR interview Question

There are so many correct reasons you can give to interviewer

Question -   Why Do You Want to Join the IT sector As a EEE ,ETC , Mechanical , Civil engineer - HR interview Question


<1> Sir, As a ______ engineer, I have been trained to look for solutions to problems of ______ domain. Three years of classes, labs, projects and training have enriched me with the capability to analyse, strategize and suggest solutions. Though the other aspects appear to have changed, the core competency remains the same. Now, if a IT major feels that my analytical skill and aptitude for solutions can be harnessed for their sector, I am ready to work for them.

<2>  Sir, today the fastest growing sector with capacity to absorb the largest number of employable engineers is the software industry. Whether it is the multiple channels of growth after the entry-level or the speed with which a fresher climbs the heights of a professional career, only the IT industry can provide that. As an aspiring and eligible candidate, my future appears to be most secure to me here.. and this means I will work without worries and deliver my best.

<3> Ma'am, I have always been a very active person, both in academics and outside the class. I would like to continue this trend of wholesome living. This is not provided in core sectors which are very traditional and narrow-minded. When there is a platform to display your true potential in work, fun and creativity - that becomes my ideal job site. So, the IT industry with it numerous trainings, CSRs, competitions, fun-sessions and annual activities is a big magnet for an engineer like me.

<4> Ma'am, I believe that I can perform best when I am surrounded by productive and professional people. Today, the best talent is recruited by the IT companies for their operations. Bright minds and motivated graduates find software sector to be fascinating and head for such destinations in great numbers. Thus making it my first choice of offering my skills and knowledge for hire.

<5>  Sir, As a _________ engineer, I am already acquainted with the domain knowledge of that stream. Added to that is basic programming skills to get me started with entry-level positions. With a little bit of training, you will find me handling clients with interest or business related to my discipline and designing and delivering IT solutions with fair results. So, when you hire me, you actually hire 2 engineers. (EEE people, say 3 engineers )

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