Tricky HR Interview Questions And Their Answers for Freshers - Best Answers

Q - How Much Salary Do You Want ?

Best Answer-  I would like to have an income that meets my annual study-loan requirement, send-home amount and leaves a decent sum for savings. Considering all these, I would prefer to be paid Rs XYZ(20% more that company offer) but I need to justify my work to claim that amount. I intend to do so in the next 6 months.

How much salary do you want" is usually not a question in on-campus interviews. In case, they ask. Then you can Give this Best Answer.

Q - Why should we not select you ? 

Best Answer - This is basically a trick question. It is just a twisted form of "Weakness" question. Many options:
(1)  Sir, your company appreciates integrity in its employees. And being a firm conformist, I would like to see that implemented. This obviously would mea
n that I might be submitting negative feedback about people adopting unethical means to stay in their job. If you don't want to lose a number of underperforming people due to complaints lodged, you should take me out of the picture at this very moment.
(2) You have an option to select or reject me. While I have a good number of reasons on why i should get selected, I am not too negative to see serious faults in my profile to be rejected. But, you might want to leave me out on account of this very optimism. 
(3) Sir, I am not a person who would quit or skip companies for the lure of better packages. But, I highly value reciprocation of my hardwork and creativity. I also believe in a rigid set of crisis resolution before taking a step. So, unless your set-up has a major problem with creative people (and this is an impossibility given the sheer scale of success), you may leave me in the not-so-lucky list of candidates 

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