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Twitter releases feature titled ' Highlights'

Twitter on wednesday released a feature titled highlights , which summarises the interesting , relevant stories on a users ' feed Highlights presents a personalised summary based on discussions and profiles most popular among the accounts followed by the user. Currently on Android platforms , the feature is supposedly available in at least 35 languages and is presented via ' rich notifications ' .


 Indian origin man becomes Mayor of German City

Ashok Sriddharan has becomes the first person of indian origin to occupy the mayor's office in a major German city after winning the electronics in Bonn .
Sridharan was a mayoral candidate of the chancellor Angela Merkel led christian Democratic Union .

Sridharan, who is 49 years old, is the son of an indian migrant and a German Mother. 

India least affordable to buy fuel : Report

India has replaced Pakistan to become the least affordable nation to buy fuel.
According to the latest global petrol affordability index featuring 61 countries with per capita daily income greater than $3,211.1 % of an indian's average daily wage is spent is buying one litre of petrol.
Venezuela has the highest affordability with one litre of fuel costing Rs 2.

Game of Thrones " wins 8 creative Emmys "

TV network HBO's show " Game of Thrones " won eight technical achievement titles at the creative Emmy awards , including the categories of special visual effects and casting on Saturday . The awards were a precursor   to the man event that will held on September 20. " American Horror Story Freak Show " followed the success of " Game of Thrones " success with five titles

NASA releases image of Sunflower  Galaxy

 NASA's hubble Space Telescope has recently produced an image of the Messier 63 galaxy Captured by Hubble's Wide field and Planetary Camera 2, it is nicknamed the Sunflower Galaxy because of its resemblance to the spiral of seeds at the centre of a sunflower . The galaxy is 27 million light years away from Earth.

Google hires 1st CEO for autonomous car division

Google has hired John Krafcik , online automobile platform TruCar's president , as the first chief executive officer of its self-driving car project .
He had also served as the CEO of Hyundai Motor America from 2008 to 2013, Google's self driving cars were permitted to run on the public streets of california earlier this year.


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