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Facebook renames app 'Free Basics'

facebook on Thursday rebranded its app as 'Free Basics', a mobile app and website that allow users to access certain services free of data charges . The change is intended to better distinguish the app from the larger initiative , . The company is also experimenting with a program called 'Express Wi-Fi' to provide wi-fi in rural areas in India. Fcaebook has renamed its most controversial Internet access enabling platform '" as Free Basics by Facebook. the company has changed the name of its app and mobile websites across 19 countries , including aims at bringing free Internet access to 4 bn people around the globe who don't have it and to increase Internet access for those whose access is limited.


Facebook building empathy button, not dislike

Facebook  CEO Mark Zukerberg announced on Tuesday that the company was close to shipping the test of a button to express empathy on posts that are inappropriate to Like " We did not want to just build a Dislike button because we don't want to turn Facebook into forum where people are voting up or down on people's posts, " he said

US Defence creates special cell for india

The pentagon, headquarters of the US Defence , has created a first ever country cell dedicated to india . The india Rapid Reaction cell (IRRC) comprisesof a team of seven members from various wings of the pentagon .
The team works on speeding defence ties with India and partnering with it for the Development and production of hi-tech military equipment.

UK : Indian-origin MP made shadow chief secretary

Seema Malhotra , a British MP of Indian origin , has been appointed as the shadow chief secretary by the Labour Party, The 43 -year -old was appointed as the Shadow minster in 2014, a role that was created to focus on preventing violence against women . She will function as chancellor John McDonnell's number two in the shadow Treasury team.

FB working on a dislike button : Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg , co-founder and CEO of Facebook , on Tuesday announced in a Q&A session that the company is working on a  'Dislike' button "People have asked about the dislike button for many years " , Zuckerberg said, " We have an idea that we are going to be ready test soon ", he added, Earlier Zuckerberg had rejected that request for a dislike button.

Zuckerberg's video showing his office goes viral

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's  Video wherein he shared the first gilmpse of his office with the world has gone viral on social media. The video posted by Zuckerberg  himself on his facebook account . The video shows that the CEO of world's biggest social network does not have a separate cabin and sits in the same space as the other employees.

Chinese man try to sell Kidney to buy iPhone 

Two Chinese men tried to sell their Kidneys to purchase, the new iPhone 6s smartphones . The men , Wu and Huang , found an illegal agent on the internet who scheduled a meeting with them but did not turn up himself.
Wu then reconsidered the plan, but Huang was reluctant , forcing Wu to call the police Huang is on a run since then.

Facebook developing VR mobile Video app : Report

According to media reports, facebook is developing a virtual reality application that would aloow users to view videos filmed in 360 degrees just by tilting their phones . The stand- alone application would enable this through a multi - camera  setup. Besides acquiring VR firms Oculus VR last year , facebook had announced in March its plans to support spherical videos within its News Feed.


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