No Rice Left To Eat - Climate Change is affecting rice production in Asian Countries

Are These Signals are wake up call For India ?

Can You Imagine a World without Rice. Production of Rice in Asian Countries Decrease Rapidly . Reason Behind it May be Climatic Condition  of Asian Countries . NO RICE LEFT TO EAT - Climate Change is affecting rice production in China , India, Bangladesh and neighbour Countries of India.
Many Factor are affecting Production of rice.

Production Of Rice - Top 10 Rice Producers in the World
Asian Countries are among the Top Rice Producers in the World (MMT)

China - 204.3 , India - 152.6 , Indonesia - 69.0 , Vietnam - 43.7 , Thailand - 37.8 , Bangladesh - 33.9 , Myanmar - 33.0 , Philippines - 18.0 , Brazil - 11.5, Japan - 10.7  All in MMT - Million Metric ton Rice production , Rice Prices

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