GATE 2016 ECE Signals and Systems Sample Paper Questions And Answers

Question 1--  

A periodic signal has fourier series coefficient (ak) . The magnitude and phase spectrum of  (ak) is shown below....

 Then x(t) is

Option (A) Real and Odd

          (B) Real and Even

          (C) Imaginary And Odd

          (D) Imaginary And Even

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Question 2 
Which is following is correct

 Option (A) All bounded periodic signals are power signals

           (B) All signals are either energy and power signals

           (C) All bounded aperiodic signals are power signals

           (D) All bounded aperiodic signals are energy signals

Solution Question 1- 

We have a12 = a(-12) = -3

So x(t) is real and even Option B Correct answer

Solution Question 2-

periodic signals exist from (- infinity) to ( + infinity) and hence have infinite energy  and are power signals  OPTION (A) is correct answer

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