Open Book Exam Vs Memory Based Which One is better ?

Memory Based exams add unnecessary pressure on students
We have to choose you know it's high time or it's right time to switched to new systems because we have to write we have to think over our own answers write our own ideas and write regarding that So I think we should give a chance to other people to let them know what is Open Book syatem and then to Explore more on that.

Against Open Book Exam

I Think a little bit stressed is good because in a way that stressed helps you to be serious about various things So you go o test eventually you would realize that you done smothing as well as you appear for exams  you passed your stressed full period .

you would be worried you worked extra hard . you take an extra effort to read more or trying to understand concept better So that Kind of stressed i feel personally really important in life you have to learned out to manage stressed because life is all about stressed
You feel stressed every where you go to work anywhere else in life there is stressed So you can't let take easy way to deal with Exam Stress.

This is valid point the incentives to do well there has has to be little pressure for you to perform and the memory based examination system does very well.

World is really competitive now Everybody wants to reach first and everybody wants to scare well
So they are under going various stressed So it is very difficult to them to write everything and to memorize every thing .

If they get an opportunity to read and write and make my point clear it's not about the reading  the book first time

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