Differences between General and technical communication

Differences between general and technical communication

Communication is important not only in the organization but also in one’s daily life. It is an integral part of daily activity . When an alarm clock goes off , it is communication through sound , urging one to get out of bed . When one feels loyal towards a particular brand of toothpaste , it is possible that the television (TV) commercials for that brand have been successful in communicating the message , Watching news on TV , Saying goodbye to one’s  family , or calling a cab and giving directions are all different types of communication.

At the workplace , all activities revolve around oral or written communication . Interacting with one’s boss , reading the newspaper at home , or even dreaming in one’s sleep are all examples of communication.

Messages that are non-technical of informal in nature are categorized as general – purpose communication , whereas messages pertaining or technical , industrial , business matters belong to the category of technical or business communication .

Difference between general and technical communication

General Communication

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•    Contains a general message
•    Informal in style and approach
•    No set pattern of communication
•    Mostly oral
•    Not always for a specific audience
•    Does not involve the use of technical vocabulary or graphics etc

Technical Communication

•    Contains a technical message
•    Mostly formal
•    Follows a set pattern
•    Both oral and written
•    Always for a specific audience
•    Frequently involves jargon , graphics etc

Tips of effective Communication

Constant practice and rigorous implementation of these ideas will help you become an excellent communicator.

•    Create an open communication environment
•    Always keep the receiver in mind
•    Avoid having too many transfer stations
•    Be aware of diversity in culture , language etc
•    Use of appropriate non verbal cues.
•    Select the most suitable medium
•    Analyse the feedback
•    Do not communicate when you are emotionally disturbed.

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