Some Useful Tips To Avoid The Trap Of Plagiarism

What is Plagiarism

Plagiarism is copying another person ‘s ideas words, or work and pretending that they are your own . It is considered an intellectually dishonest and highly un professional act. It could at instances result from ignorance rather the intent to duplicate others’ work.

For instance , in hurry to meet the deadline , we may overlook to cite the sources from where we have taken the information.

However , whatever the intention of the writer , Plagiarism is a punishable offence.

A technical writer , therefore has to be aware of the rules for citing direct quotes and acknowledge all the sources referred to while developing the document.

Avoiding Plagiarism 

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Some Useful Tips to avoid the trap of plagiarism

•    A loss of creativity or inability to meet deadlines might lure one into plagiarism. Follow the tips to overcome a writer’s block mentioned earlier.

•    Whenever you consult a work, do mention the source and provide proper referencing . To avoid the problem of not being able to locate the source later on. Write down the source even in the rough draft of your document as soon as you have consulted some such material.

•    When citing direct quotes , follow the guidelines or rules for citations .

•    In some cases , the author ‘s permission may have to be obtained before including his/her work in the document. Therefore one should be aware of the guidelines and procedures and always acknowledge the original work.

Techniques For Good Writing 

In short we can say Plagiarism is copying another persons’s ideas , work,or work and pretending that they are your own.

Plagiarism and Copyright are closely related however  looking at them closely you may find the difference.

Plagiarism is an intellectual infringement of rules enforced either by professional society or senate . if your cite the original author from where you have lifted the material, it is acceptable.

Copyright violation is more of legal offence enforced by the court .

The authorization in this case is required from the copyright owner.

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