How to Write Report And Difference Between Oral and Written Reports Formats

How to Write Reports Correct Format Of Reports

A report is usually a piece of factual writing , based on evidence , containing organized information on a particular topic .
Reports can be oral or written depending upon the mode of presentation .

When you rejoin duty after attending an international seminar, you meet your officer and report about the deliberations of the seminar . This type of reporting comes under oral reporting.

An oral report is simple and easy way to present . It may communicate an impression or an observation . While oral reports are useful , written reports are always preferred as they enjoy several advantages over the oral ones.

Diffrence between oral and written report

Reports Format For College

Reports Format For Student Study Point

Oral reports Few important point their advantages and their Drawbacks

•    Immediate feedback is possible
•    Do not add to the permanent records of the organization as the information/Facts can be denied.
•    Audience needs to comprehend quickly  as and when these are presented.
•    May be encumbered with irrelevant facts and overlook important ones.
•    Cannot be referred to again and again.
•    Have less Professional value.

Written reports Few Important Point Their advantages and their disadvantages

•    Immediate feedback is not possible.
•    Contribute to the permanent records of the organization.
•    Audience can ponder over these reports and understand its own pace.
•    Are more accurate and precise as the writer will be careful in putting down the facts in writing.
•    Can be edited ,reviewed , stored and retrieved.
•    Have more professional value.

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