How to convert Powerpoint Presentation (PPT) to video or create a movie in MP4,AVI,WMV formats

Unlike the various products released by Microsoft , POWERPOINT is a very helpful and useful software by which we can create unlimited number of presentations for business deals , corporate purposes for showing or presenting a plan to the school level use for making projects. In short PowerPoint is a  great tool which helps a user to efficiently present his views or ideas in the form of a well-looked presentation that can be seen attractive to others and everyone can understand it very easily.

Here in this tutorial I will show step-by-step how to convert a PowerPoint presentation  to video format which has the following advantages:-

      1.      Rather than distributing a presentation to your colleagues’ about a  business plan or adverting about your company to the mass you can simply covert the presentation to video format so that it looks more attractive and need not to be controlled manually.

      2.      There are several video formats in which you can save your presentation like (.wmv, .avi , .mov etc)  .

     3.      In the video format thus created the user has got the freedom to record and set up a timer to the voice or speech thus narrated and even a user can move his cursor up and down and also point out with marker important points in the video thus created thus making it more efficient.

     4.      The user also can control the size of the video file thus created i.e he can create a low quality video for use in mobile phones thus reducing the memory size of it and even he can create a high quality video by increasing the memory which is done by changing the video format for it.

     5.      There are also features by which we can include animations inside the movie thus creating it more attractive.

    6.      The most important advantage of converting a PowerPoint presentation to video is that user need not need to have PowerPoint installed in their computer and even if they donot have a computer they can play the video in a cd/dvd player.

    7.      If in the presentation if there is  another video embedded inside it then you need not to have to control it manually and it will play automatically  when its time comes.

                              But for converting your presentation to video it may take time depending on the number of sides the presentation has or if there are animations or videos embedded inside the presentation then definitely it will take longer time.


Step-1 :- converting PPT to MP4 format
1.      First of all all you need to do is to narrate your powerpoint presentation but before you save it you should be aware that you have narrated and insertd audio and also set the timings for each slide.  Also the maximum lengthe of the PPT before inserting audio, animations or video must be less than 1GB.

2.       Then you need to go to a site named . In this site for accessing it you first need to sign up. You can sign up by creating a new account in the site or login using your facebook account. is free hosting site which converts the PowerPoint files for absolutely free of cost.

3.      Then a option called upload comes on the screen and you need to click on this option. As soon as you click on this option a you have to browse your saved PowerPoint file from your computer and upload it to the site for conversion.

4.      Now after you have uploaded then you have to wait for the site to convert your file to MP4 format. It will take some time depending on the size of the file and traffic of the site at that particular point.

STEP-2:- converting PPT to AVI format

    1.      At first as stated earlier in the above text you need to save the PPT in your computer and make sure that you have set the timings for each slide properly before saving it.

    2.      Then you need to go to the site . Here you need to search for PPT to video conversion and use the applications that has been rated top class and whose reviews are good.

    3.      The mot commonly used applications are Wondershare PPT2Video, PPTmovie,GeoVid and so on. You can use any one of them to convert your PowerPoint presentation to video format.

    4.      After the download of your  application is complete from the above mentioned site then you need to open the program and add your PPT form your computer to the program part where it is asking for uploading the PPT.

    5.      Then you need to choose the video format AVI or any other video formats you want to convert it and then click on the option convert.

    6.      Then the last step is to save your file thus converted to the specified area where you want to keep all the converted files.

STEP:-3 :- converting a PPT to .WMV Format

   1.      At first create the presentation in PowerPoint and set up the timings for each slides and audio. Make sure you have correction set up the timings so that it may not occur too fast or too slow to the video.

   2.      Now you can enter a narration inside the presentation. In order to record a narration :-
1.      At first you need to set up your microphone.
2.      Then in the slide show tab you need to click on the option record side show.
3.      Then start recording and in between if you want to pause the recording click on the option pause and when you have completed your recording click on the option END.
4.      Then the PPT will be playing the narration automatically by properly setting it up.
5.      Then in the PowerPoint you need to save the file by clicking on the save option present in the file menu.

   3.      Then you need to choose the option create a video.
  • To create  a HD video you need to choose the option COMPUTER AND HD DISPLAY. The size of this video will be too large if the PPT is large and there are a number of embedded video inside it.
  • For creating a video of moderate quality click on the option INTERNET AND DVD.
  • For  creating a video of very low resolution click on the option PORTABLE DEVICES.

    4.      After you have clicked on the option create video you need to wait for a several minutes depending on the quality of the video format you have selected and the size of the presentation.

STEP -4 :- Converting PPT to video using the software PPT to video Scout

    1.      The first step is that you need to download and install the software named PPT to Video Scout.

    2.      Then you need to open the presentation in PowerPoint.

    3.      Then go to the file menu where you need to select the option convert to AVI.

    4.      Then the PPt to video scout wizard will appear on the screen.

    5.      Click on the next option to continue.

    6.      Then you need to change the name of the output file name and you can also change the output video format if required and then click on the next option to continue.

    7.      Then click on the option nominal slide show and click on next to continue.

    8.      Then you will be getting the settings for video resolution where you can manually set the resolution settings and click on next to continue.

    9.      For recording of audio click on the sound options and click on next to continue.

  10.  Then to start conversion click on next to continue.

  11. Then you need to wait for some time for the conversion to be completed.

  12.  When your conversion has been completed a final page will be appearing on the screen showing CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Converting was successfully done.

  13.  Click on the option close to close the program and the presentation that has been converted to video will be start playing on your default video player.

STEP-4 :- Converting a presentation to video using Camtasia

    1.      First of all you need to check that you have PowerPoint working properly in your system.

    2.      You then need to download the software CAMTASIA , the free trial version which is available on net.

    3.      As soon as your free trial version has been downloaded open the file and install it on your system.

    4.      Then you need to open PowerPoint and click on the plug-in option. By clicking on this option you are getting the full access to Camtasia by which you are getting the freedom to record your presentation.

    5.      Then click on the option finish and save your PowerPoint presentation in your system.

    6.      Then start the recording.

    7.      By choosing the option end stop the recording.

    8.      Then again go to the plug-in option and click on the option produce and share by which you are able to share your converted presentation to video in YouTube, Facebook and other social networking sites for free.


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