X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST MOVIE REVIEW

Then latest of the x men series and one of the most awaited movies of the year x-men days of future past. Directed by Bryan Singer has turned out to be an awesome movie.

Release dates
  • May 22, 2014 (United Kingdom)
  • May 23, 2014 (United States)   

Plot of the movie

Wolverine was sent to pat, which was a desperate effort to change history and prevent an event that results in complete extinction of both mutants and human race. All the destruction was brought about by the robots known as Sentinels which went after killing all the mutantants as well as humans whose genes had the capacity of creating a mutant offspring. Bunker in Moscow had many such mutants who just have managed to escape death, and are allied up against the anti mutant robot the Sentinels .

Another character named kitty pryde, is shown to have the capability of projecting a person’s consciousness back in time, pyde ‘s group consists of Storm ,Wolverine, professor Xavier’s  and Magneto in a Chinese monastery. Her it is decided to send the consciousness of wolverine to the past back in the year 1973 to prevent mistque from murdering the guy Bolivar Trast , man who designed the Sentinels, after which she was captured and her mutant genes were reverse engineered to create the Sentinels.
 Now as Wolverine wakes up in 1973 and reaches the X-Mansion, where he meets Xavier and Hank McCoy. Xavier's Institute is closed, most of the students were killed in the Vietnam War, and now Xavier’s sprit broke and his telepathic powers, due to a serum which made him walk. Wolverine convinces Xavier to free Magneto from a prison which lies beneath The Pentagon. They select Peter Maximoff, a mutant having superhuman speed, to help them.        

 The Americans and Vietnamese are negotiate the end of America’s involvement in the Vietnam War in Paris. Mystique captures’ a general in order to meeting with Trask.  Xavier, Magneto, Beast, and Wolverine riches there as she was about to kill him. Seeing that the dark future can only be avoided through Mystique's death, Magneto shoots at her but she flees, wounded by the bullet. The ensuing altercation exposes the mutants in front of onlookers and television cameras. Wolverine's encounter with Stryker causes his future body to react violently, injuring Kitty.

Although Trask is saved, the world is horrified by the existence of mutants. Seeing the scenario President Richard Nixon approves Trask's Sentinel program and arranges an unveiling in Washington, D.C. Trask's scientists recover Mystique's blood from the battle site in Paris, allowing him to research further Sentinel improvements. Magneto intercepts the Sentinel prototypes and laces their polymer-based frames with steel. Now Xavier stops taking his serum and regains his powers. Through Wolverine, Xavier speaks to his future self and is inspired to struggle for human-mutant peace once again. He uses cerebro to track Mystique, who is going to Washington.

Nixon shows the Sentinel prototypes on the White House lawn. Magneto raises the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium and places it around the White House to barricade them, then commandeers the Sentinels and attacks the crowd and Nixon and Trask are taken to a safe room, followed by a disguised Mystique. Xavier, Wolverine, and Beast try to stop Magneto, but he impales Wolverine with rebars and throws him into the River. In the future, the Sentinels kill most of the mutants.
In 1973, Magneto pulls the safe room out of the White House and prepares to kill Nixon. Mystique, disguised as Nixon, shoots Magneto, and Xavier persuades her not to kill Trask and lets her and Magneto  flee. The Sentinel program is cancelled and the dystopian future is averted. Trask is later arrested for selling military secrets.

Wolverine wakes up in the future at Xavier's school and finds everyone alive.


The movie was pretty nice specially the action sequence, yet what makes this movie the blast is the acting of the cast and the awesome direction .Yes it is worthy enough to spend some bugs to watch it in the theater

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