Sometimes while accessing the net it often seems that a website looks very useful to a user as per its content and its writing style. So sometimes for getting further benefits the user wants to know about the owner of the website and his/her contact details though all this information are provided in most of the websites. But if you want to know who actually created the website that is by whom the domain has been registered/ which domain it belongs to? / what is the date of creation of the website? / how long has it been operating? / is the site legal or not?
To answer all the above questions you need to find a solution to know the answers. The solution is we have to access   another website where we will be getting the opportunity to enter the name of the website we want to know ans as soon as we enter the details all the information we want to know about the website will be shown below with pinpoint accuracy. There are a number of fake websites today showing the details of another website. The ones will I have felt the most trusted is listed below:::----

    1. ::::  by this site you will get the information about the accessibility of a website or a blog that is if is open in all countries or blocked in some of the countries. Every ping services has a fixed number of services or locations but when comes the name of just-ping it has already 30 number of servicing centers all over the world. When you enter the name of a website and the result showing by ping is 100% packet loss then the site which you have entered is not accessible from your region that is it has been blocked in your country.

    2.   this the best tool if you want to know the details or position of your competitors website i.e how what is the traffic of the site ? what are the organic keywords being used? Who are the competitors in organic search? What are the overviews of unique adds? What te type of text adds being published? What are the media adds being published? Who are the competitors in adds ? what are the add keywords ans so on. The most important feature of this site is that all the information provided is live that is you exactly know the current position the website and its status.

    3. ::::: this is not actually a website but an online application by which an user can know that is website can be opened by google chrome or all the browsers available or can it not be opened by some specific number of browsers and so on. The site is also having a BROWSERSTACK by which you can know how your website will look if it is opened in mobile or a device or any kind of devices. By seeing the preview you can easily determine the location of the adds of your website that is is it placed properly or not and if not then you are getting the chance to improve the look of your site.

    4. this the site which I use most often if I want to know the name of the owner , his contact details i.e phone number and the email address. By this service you can know about any websites which are registered in a particular domain and if the name of the website you have entered is not showing then you will say  that it’s a fake website or simply a phishing page because holds the database of all the registered domains so far available.

    5. ::::: when the owner of a website buys a new domains or shifts his website from one  host  to another host then this site records all the data regarding the domain change but it takes a somewhat a time for these changes to be visible all over the world. By typing the name of the website you want to know in this site it will show all the DNS record of the site.

    6. :::: this is an important site for you if you are eager to know about the technology stack of a particular website i.e if you want to know about the service provider of the mail for the particular domain or who are the advertising partners for the domain or if the site is using the facility of google cloud or not. All this information are provided to you by this particular website so named

   7. :::: as soon as you enter the name of the website it will show the details of the domain in which the website is being hosted.

    8.  ::::  by this site you are able to know the speed of a particular page of your website or any website on both mobile devices and also in the desktop.  The the speed of your page is determined by higer the number is and more higher the number the more efficient is your website. Google also provides suggestions how your page speed can be increased.

    9. :::::  this page holds the record about the operation of a website that is what is the average loading time of  a website ? what is the page speed ? what are the size of pages on it? What the number of requests that has been failed and so on.

    10. ::::: when there arises a problem relating to the copyright that is the website has been copyright or not or any any type of complain been registered then the copy of it is being loaded in this site. By this any one has got the opportunity to enter and view the database of thus site to know any type of copyright relating problems of  a particular website.

     11. ::::: by this sandbox you can know about the various advertisements that are targeting  a particular or your website or  If a particular website is banned from adsense or so on.

      12. :::: by this site you are getting to know about the ip address details of any website . you are also provided with details with details of the hosting website or the domain this site has been registered or recently if its ip address has been changed or not , it DNS information and so on.

      13. ::::: by this site an user can get the information of the popurity meter of your or your competitors website that is how popular is it in facebook, youtube or googleplus. The more popular is your website in these social networking sites the more the number of page views and more the profitable is the website.

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