Most of us know that we can send attachments in gmail up to the range of maximum of 25 Mb i.e above 25 Mb files cannot be sent through email. Here I will show you a trick how to send large files using gmail.  Thus  today your gmail account inbox has no problem in holding and accepting or sending large files which are several GB in memory.

 Ø There are several file sending services available in the net for sending large files via email out of which the following are ranked in the top list according to their publicity and efficiency to send big files via email.

   1.  Pando:-  It is one of the most efficient file sending service so far available. The major funda behind this service is that  the email attachments are combined with the P2P file transfers so that the user can send any sort of files to his friends having different email address and this transfer takes place very easily and in  a speedy manner.
The only limitation with this service is that files transfers can happen only you using  a Mac application and transfers hampers when using a software on another platform except Mac Ios.

    2.   Transfer big :- by this service an user can deliver large files upto the range of 1000MB through email in the form of attachments. Another great feature of this application is that all the files can be protected with the help of  a password. The only disadvantage is that an user can download the files within five days of reception. After that time period the file gets erased from the server of the site. Another disadvantage of this service is that  submission of files cannot be possible with the help of simple email and secure web browsing for this site.

  Ø A small overview of
ü  Large files can be send with the help of email.
ü  Multiple number of files can be send at a  time.
ü Files ranging upto a maximum size of 1000 MB can be send at a time.
ü When you completed downloading of your files a notification is send to you by the
ü  Users of the dropzone got an opportunity  to view the history of the files which they have send.

    3.  SEND THIS FILE: this service offers an user to send files via email with no boundation limits of sending file size limits and this service also comes for free. But users who are subscribed to their premium accounts also gets a number of facilities which are not incorporated in the free version.

·      There is no limit of sending files.
·      Files can be of any size how large it might be is not a matter of worry.
·      There is a simple address book available in this service which makes sending of files easy.
·      The accounts which are paid in sendfiles list offers special encryption.
    ·      The files which are being shared or send with the help of sendfiles are available securely only for 3 days. After this time period they can be deleted any time.   
    ·      As the download and uploading speed are shared among free users hence speed of the site falls down.
   There is no option of scanning for virus in sendfiles which is its one of the major drawbacks.

A small overview:-
ü  Ulimited file sizes can be send through send files.
ü  Bandwidth and storage are shared by free accounts.
ü  There are no limit in uploads in this particular service.
ü  Free accounts have the opportunity to store files for three days while paid accounts can store the same for 6 days.
ü  The file accounts present in the  send files can be intregrated for receiving files from other users.
ü  Secure transfer of files is being provided by send files accounts.
ü File tracking is being supported by free accounts.

This is another free service to send files very fast and in a simple manner. The limit of sending files in this service is upto 300 Mb. There is a pro version available which helps to send larger files in size.

   ·      Lager and huge files can be send with the help of email with speed and accuracy.
   ·      There is a progress meter available which shows how far you have succeeded in sending the file and what time is left for the whole file to be transferred.
   ·      The pro version of the mailbigfiles supports of sending files sizes upto 2GB.

   ·      Files remains stored in the server for only 10 days after that they get deleted any time.
   ·      There is no scope for submission of messages or files via email.
   ·      There is no scope for protecting your downloads by encrypting it with a password.

A small overview:-
ü  Files ranging from size of 300 Mb to 2 Gb can be send through Email.
ü  files remains in the  server for 10 days in the free version and 28 days for the pro version.
ü  The pro users have got the service of receiving notification from Mailbigfiles when their files have been downloaded.
ü The files which have been uploaded in the mailbigfiles server are automatically scanned for viruses thus increasing its efficiency.
ü  There is simple address book available for the mailbigfiles pro users.


1.  Put the pointer of the mouse over the file which is to be attached.
2.   Now you need to insert the files using the option insert available in the drive.
3.   Now you need to go to the category upload.
4.   You need to drag those files from your computer which you are going to upload where the drag files option is showing or blinking in the screen.
5.   Then click the option to select the files from your computer.
6.   You need to click on the option add for adding more files if you already uploaded or selected one file.
7.   Then you need to highlight all  the files you are going to upload.
8.   Then you need to click on the option open
9.  Then click on the option upload.

 Ø  You need to go to the option My Directory.
 Ø  Then you need highlight all the files you want to upload or share. This option checks out all the files.
 Ø  Then use the option search and to locate all the files use the labels.
 Ø  Then simply click on the insert.

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