How to Send Confirmation Email Automatically

 Sometimes when you submit your CV for a job interview or submit any kind of details to a company or any type of website you see a confirmation email has reached your inbox of your mail account. For example if you are opening a twitter account then a confirmation email automatically arrives in your inbox for verification of your data. Now you may notice that if you are getting a confirmation email at the midnight then it is not possible that the email you received has been typed by a human. Hence it is indeed a  system generated response.

In gmail you can send only confirmation emails but when comes the case of google forums there is a technique by which you can send acknowledgements or a message of regards.

There are different types of confirmation email present according to their functions. If you are owing a company by which you sell products online then the types of confirmation Emails present are as follows:-
   1.    Email for the Confirmation of order
   2.    Email for Downloading the  confirmation
   3.     Email for showing shipping status or details.
   4.    Email for refunding your money
   5.    Email for Cancelled order

       Confirmation of order – this type of email is generated when after seeing the products on an online store the customer orders for the product to buy.
      Email for downloading the confirmation:-  this type of confirmation goes to the customer who have recently purchased some items which have to be downloaded like movie tickets. In this confirmation email the link of the item to be downloaded is given directly  so that the customer can go through the link and download it.
      Email for showing the shipping data:-  this type of email is generated automatically when a customer selects the option shipped in the main website.
      Email for refunding the money::-  This type of email is generated when the money has been deducted from the customers bank account but due to some staggering problems on net the customer  order has not been made. So this email is send to the customers inbox  mentioning that his/her money will be refunded to their bank accounts within 7 working days.
       canceled Email:-  This type of email is generated when an order is cancelled .


These are the following steps below by which an user can send automated confirmation email to a person who has submitted his details :::---

      1.    First of all you need to go to your google drive and make a new Google form. In the form you have just created you are having the scope of adding  any kind of numbers to it but there should be at least one field which will have the type named  “email address”  because in this field the user will be entering his/her email address.

     2.    Keeping in the mind that the responses you have been receiving are being saved in a different spreadsheet you need to open it and then close the option present under the tools menu named “script editor”.

     3.     Then you need to copy and paste the script I have shown below in the script editor.

     4.     Now press on the bulky icon in order that your script is being saved.

     5.    In order to authorize the script so that emails will be send automatically from your side to the receiver you need select and press on the option “RUN”  present inside the Script Editor.

The HTML code is shown below::::----

/* send a confirmation Email with google Forums */

function initialize()
    var triggers = ScriptApp.getScriptTriggers();

  for (var i in triggers)

                   function  SendConfirmationMail(e)
          try {
           var ss, cc, sendername, subject, columns;
          var  message, value, textbody, sender;
// This is your email Address and you will be in CC
          cc= Session.getActiveUser().getEmail();
          // this will show up as the senders name//
          Sendername= “your name goes here”;
          // optional but change the following variable
          // to have a custom subject for google docs mails
          subject = “Google Form Successfully Submitted”;
          // This is the body of the auto reply
          message = “We have received your details.<br>Thanks!<br><br>”;
          ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();
              columns = ss.getRange(1, 1, 1, ss.getLastColumn()).getValues()[0];

          // This is the submitter’s Email Address
          Sender = e.namedValues[“Email Address”].toString();

          //Only include form values that are not blank
          for ( var keys in columns) {
              var key = columns[keys]
            if (e.namedValues[key])  {
                   message += key + ‘ :: ‘+ e.namedvalues[key] + “ <br> />”;
                   textbody = message.replace(“<br>”, “\n”);
                   GmailApp.sendEmail(sender, subject, textbody, {cc: cc, name:: sendername, htmlbody: message});
          } catch (e)  {

This is how you can send automated Email to any number of people without any physical effort. The only thing you have to do is to write this code and modify it according to your needs. As far of my knowledge this code should work for sending automated Email.


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