When you receive an email it doesn't contain only scripts instead it may also contain attachments which may either be videos or photos or in any other format. Now how to save the attachment directly to a folder in your Google drive.
You can save the document directly in the Google drive by using the option send to Google drive. Now a latest version is available by which you are getting the chance to specify a list of files and those attachments belonging to those specific list of files which you have been selected will be saved automatically to Google drive.
Now if you not used the option send to Google drive and using it for the first time I will show how actually you can do it.

You need to give a label name to your gmail sheet and the script which is there will be scanning whatever emails you are receiving and sort out if any attachments is there inside it.   For example if you want all the attachments that are coming in your gmail inbox you can label it by ‘Inbox’ and thus whatever emails are coming in your inbox folder will be scanned or if you want to scan your promotions folder you can name it ‘Promotion’ and all the attachments which are there in the promotion folder will be scanned. Now after scanning when an attachment is found out by the script automatically the file will be downloaded   to your Google drive.
For the work to be done there is no need to install any sort of extensions  for your browser and there is also no need to take permission or giving access of your Google drive or your gmail to another party for loading the attachments in  your Google drive.
Hence all is done as private for a user and it is totally safe. And it is also observed that your mobiles devices an desktops are synchronized automatically by the Google drive hence whatever attachments have been saved  in your Google drive will be automatically viewed or accessed in any sort of devices.


1.   You need to bring the cursor of your mouse over the attachment which you are going to save in the google drive.
2.    Now you need to click on the icon named save to drive.
3.    Now if you want to save all the files in one chance ::::
Ø  Click on the icon  named save all to drive. This icon is available in the header area of the attachment.
Ø Now you need to note that if you are saving all the files at a once you are not having the option to move or save some particular files individually. Now If you are giving a label to some documents then only you are getting a chance to individually save them in the google drive.
4.   To give  label or moving some saved files:::
Ø You need to click on the folder you want to save under the option save to drive.
Ø for going or selecting the sub folders you need to repeat the above steps.
Ø To create a new folder inside the current folder you need to click on the icon new folder.
Ø Now click on move which is the final step. Your folder or attachments will be moved.
Ø  Now if the document is not filed then click on done.

How to open a document which has been recently saved in Google drive????

To open a document which you have saved recently you need to follow the following steps::
 Ø  First of all you need to bring the cursor of your mouse on the attachment you have just save recently and now want to open it.
 ØYou need to click on the icon show in drive.
 ØYou now need to click on the document you want to open.

     Point to note::::

When all the attachments have been saved there a new label named processed is put onto the gmail message which actually indicates that the message is run by the script. This saves attachment of any type .  In order to save a number attachments separately you can use commas.
In order to stop the script at any point of time the only thing you need to do is to open the script of the Google and select the option uninstall from the menu of the gmail attachments.

How to send attachments to the premium version of the google drive????

The premium version of the Google drive supports a lot of new features which are as follows:::

    1.  Nested labels of Gmail::: the function of this feature is to put an eye on the messages that are coming in the Gmail which are in the block of this label.

  2.  The Google drive folders which are nested:::  according the label of the Gmail you are getting the opportunity to chose a specific folder or  saving the attachment under a specific sub folder .

    3.  Keeping an eye on a multiple number of labels::: The version which is available for free you are only getting the independence to save files which are falling under a particular label. But now with premium version you are  getting the opportunity to save the email attachments belonging to one or more than one number of labels thus increasing the flexibility of the system.

    4.   To get premium support:::: for getting this support you have to pay an amount of $49.99. as you pay immediately  you are the owner of your premium features which you ere going to enjoy.


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