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Now-a-days modern age has already done a much success in the wireless field.  After 1980’s wireless and codeless phones have became very popular and enjoyed a rapid growth in the past two decades. Today personal communication system(PCS’s ) operating at higher frequency with wider bandwidth are emerging with a combination of various services such as voice mail, email, video , messaging, computer to computer online data transfer , WhatsApp and so on. The direct link between satellites and personal communication system can provide voice , data, instant messaging or video communication even in the most remote areas of the world. In providing the socio need of the people whatsapp plays a very vital role.

About WhatsApp:-

 The question comes that what is actually whatsApp and what are its basic functions for which it is so much popular among people. Now WhatsApp is an instant messaging platform in which an user gets the opportunity to send images, videos, MMS , photos and audio messages to another user at the cost of internet. The WhatsApp has also get the facility to send the exact location of a user to another user. The only limitation to this so called messenger is that it only works on smart phones and to make the data transfer you need to get an internet pack.


Whatsapp the famous messenger was founded in the year of 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum. Both the founders have a great work experience working for the YAHOO for  a couple of years. At the initial stages of WhatsApp the company owed 55 people to control the workload and at that time it was competing with the Asian based topmost messaging companies like TELEGRAM, WE-CHAT, LINE etc. But how large the competition was the company went of increasing its quality of work and services it rendered to the public and at the month of august 2012 the company was handling about 10 billion messages per day which was not too large but infinestimaly  large and thus the company became one of the world’s topmost messaging platform in the world.  In the year 2013 the company cracked its own record of handling 10 billion messages per day to 27 billion messages per day and so the advertising company got interested in investing in such a messenger  which has got  such a huge or say infinitely huge traffic and thus increased the revenue of WhatApp. Again in the year of 2014 the number of active users from India for WhatsApp is 50 million per month which Is also the only country ranking in the top of the WhatsApp list holding such a  huge number of monthly users. But on February 2014 the ceo of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg announced to buy WhatsApp at us $19 billion.


The only limitation for WhatsApp Is that one can only use this messenger only if he/she is having a smartphone with a valid internet connection. Now what if you are having a pc or laptop with internet connection but not having a Smart Phone. Then will you be able to use WhatsApp on your pc or laptop ??? the answer to this question is yes. Here below I will show how how you can install WhatsApp in your pc/laptop by following the few steps:-

 The two methods are follows:-
    1.     For installing WhatsApp on pc you first need to download the software using BLUESTACKS.

    2.     The second method is you can download and install WhatsApp on your pc using WhatsApp only

How to download and install whatsApp using bluestacks :-

     1.     First you need to download bluestacks for windows which is available in the net for free.

    2.     Now as you have downloaded the file for bluestacks you need to install it in your laptop by double clicking on it. And then option called Run comes which when continued the setup for installing bluestacks begins. After completing the setup bluestacks has been installed in your system.

    3.     Now you need to download the setup for WhatsApp in the APK format.

    4.     After the download for the apk file is completed you need to double click on it to run the file thus downloaded.

    5.     After the installation process is completed WhatsApp has been installed in your pc.

    6.     Now by clicking on the bluestacks shortcut icon created on the desktop you need to open Bluestacks.

    7.     Then after opening BlueStacks click on My Apps.

    8.     Now in the app section you will see an icon WhatsApp>>> you need to click on it.

    9.     Then accept the terms and conditions showing on the screen.

   10.   Then a field comes where your mobile number is asked. Enter your mobile number in the column and before entering it give your country code (For example the country code for India is +91).

    11.  Your messenger WhatsApp has now been successfully installed in your desktop/laptop system where you now can enjoy the facilities of whatsapp without having  a smartphone.

     12. Now WhatsApp will ask for verifying your number and an automated call will come to you with a confirmation code. You need to write down the code.

    13. now the code which you have received write down in the verification box.

To install and download WhatsApp on pc using WhatsApp only:-

1.     First you need to download and install the whatsapp.

2.     Now as soon as you have install WhatsApp open your account using the username and password provided to you by WhatsApp. If don’t have one then click on the register buttom and create your own account.

3.     Then you will asked to provide with your phone number and  a password. The paasword for an android phone will the only IMEI number which can be found at the backside of the phone below the battery. If you don’t want to switch off your phone to find the IMEI number then type the code *#06# and you will get your IMEI number which will be used as a password.

     4.     Now you need to choose how you want to verify your number. You can verify your number either by SMS or an automated call.

     5.     Now if you have cjoosen the option for SMS you will get an SMS containing the verification code and if you have gone for an automated call you will get a code which you need to note it down.

    6.     Now put the verification code in the verification box and you will get a computerized generated password to login for your WhatsApp account which you can it later after logging into your account. Thus your WhatsApp messenger is installed in your system which you’re the ready to enjoy.

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