How to hack a facebook account or to recover your facebook account

 Though the CEO of facebook  MARK ZUCKERBERG have made various privacy policies in order to secure one’s facebook account but there still remains some loopholes for the hackers to get into others facebook account.  Today facebook holds the world record of 1 billion active users over a year and nearly there are 600 million users who use facebook daily.
In our facebook profile users often share their day to day life story, share their pictures, birthdays and of course their feeling. Even in their account inbox  a user may share their private discussion with another person who is close to him but often we forget to be get noticed that who is watching our profile secretly without our notice and is stealing out any sort of private information. But sometimes it is necessary to get into others account in order to do some good will.
Now-a-days thieves also use the help of facebook to rob a home because in facebook an application is available which shows your current position. Hence by knowing your current location they get the opportunity to rob your home at the time when you have gone out and the data they are collecting from facebook thus misusing facebook. Here are few ways  I will show you today that how hackers get in your facebook account and steal your data which are private to you.

1st WAY:::
The most commonly used and easiest way to get into others facebook account is resetting the password. This way become more easier to the hacker if the persons account he is trying to hack is the mutual friend with the hacker. The steps involved in this type of hacking are as follows:-

    1.    You need to know your friends email id. If you donot know it then you need to find it in the contact or info section of your friends profile or take it out by chatting with your friend.

     2.    Then  once you are with the email click on the option forgotten your password and then type the email adresss of the person you want to hack.

     3.    As soon you have typed the email address the account of the victim should come up. Then you have to select the option this is my account.

    4.    Then facebook will ask you to reset the password by sending a link to the email of your friend.  Then you have click the option no longer have access to these.

    5.     Then facebook will ask How can we reach you? Then you need to type an email address which you not use to make any other fake or original facebook account.

     6.     Then if your friend has not opened his/her facebook account for a day then you can reset his facebook account password with the help of the link you got in your email address.

    7.    Now another way is that facebook will show some of the friends of the person’s account you want to hack and ask you enter the passwords which facebook has recently send to these friends. Now if you are close to them then you can easily get the passwords and hack the account.

How to secure your facebook account from this type of hacking:::---

    1.    The email address you are using should be used only for your facebook account so you need not have to give this email address to anybody to receive any kind of data from them. Also do not put this email address in the info section of facebook.

     2.    When facebook is giving you the chance to choose a security question and also store the answer for it then make it difficult to answer and also use upper and lower case so that your closest friends can also never guess it.

     3.     You should learn the technique that how your account can be recovered from your friends so give the names of those friends with whom you can trust the most and these three friends must not be mutual friends among each other. Hence it makes difficult for a hacker to get into your facebook account.

2nd way:-

The second way to get in others facebook account is to use a  keystroke logger. It is kind of software available online for free and anybody can download it.  This software records all key stokes that an user types . so if anybody is typing in your laptop to open his or her facebook account you can later go to the keystoke logger data base and recover all the key stokes and hence can get their email address passwords and everything you want. This software is often used in multinational companies by the higher officials to detect if any of the employees in the company is cheating or stealing wealth from the company’s account section.
Keylogger is available in both software and hardware for.
Software keylogger is based on the principle that whatever keystrokes are coming from your keyword it will record it and this keylogger  is installed in your computer from before. While  for the case of hardware keylogger you need to connect hardisk or pendrive externally to your system. This pendrive or hardisk will take over all the data that have been typed in the victims computer so if the victim has opened his facebook account in his computer then also you have got the chance to track his keystokes and find out his/her password later coming to home.

How can you secure your account :::

    1.    You need to install a firefall in your computer as all keylogger send or receive information through online and hence any kind of suspicious activities will be noticed down and help you to get through it.

     2.     Another way to save from keyloggers is to install a software which can manage your password. Many antivirus such as bit defender gives an option called password wallet which saves all your passwords online and protects it. As keyloggers cannot record the information which you are not typing hence a passeord wallet will automatically fill your passwors and protect you fro keyloggers.

     3.    The last but not the least way to save yourself from keyloggers is to change your passwords quite frequently.

3rd way:-
The third but the most of the frequently used ways is Phishing which is commonly used by the hackers to steel imformation of ones fb account. The only difference is that this  methord is the most difficult that the rest of the methords shown above. The most commonly used phishing technique is the making of a facebook ogin page that is fake. This type of fake pages can be made and then transferred to the person whose account you want to hack with the help of email. Now the victim now opens this page as believing that this his own facebook login page and enters the passwords and email address which actually comes to the hacker . But this method of hacking is difficult because you need to knowing some sort of HTML codes in order to make a fake login page to send to the user whose account you want to hack.

Steps  to secure your account from this type of hacking:::

1.  you should not click the links you got in your mail inbox where yoy are told to click those link to enter or login your facebook account.

    2.   Another way to sop phishing is the use of antivirus like bitdefender and many others which automatically scans your emails and check for vulnerabilities and if found detects it manages it.
                All the information shared in this article doesnot provide any intention to motivate hackers. The information thus provided is only for educaional purpose and to secure one's facebook account from hackers. Anyone if found misusing this information the author will not be responsible for his/her actions.

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