Godzilla Movie Review , Release Date and Imdb Ratings

Director:- Gareth Edwards
Writters:-  Dave Callaham and Max Borenstein
Starring:- ken watanabe , sally Hawkins , Bryan Cranston , Aaron Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen.
Ratings:-  Imdb has rated this movie as 7.3/10 which is not so bad but above average.
Release dates :-
The world wide release dates are shown below:-
USA :- 8th may 2014
Belgium :- 14th may 2014
Norway :- 14th may 2014
Luxembourg :- 14th may 2014
France :- 14th may 2014
Finland :- 14th may 2014
Egypt :- 14th  may 2014
Argentina :- 15th may 2014
United Arab Emirates :- 15th may 2014
Australia :- 15th may , 2014
Brazil :- 15th may 2014
Brahin :- 15th may 2014
Switzerland :- 15th may 2014
Denmark:- 15th may 2014
Georgia :- 15th may 2014
Germany:- 15th may 2014
Spain:- 15th may 2014
Hungary:- 15th may 2014
Uk:- 15th may 2014
Italy:- 15th may 2014
Bolivia:- 15th may 2014
Israel:- 15th may 2014
Hong long:- 15th may 2014
Lebanon:- 15th may 2014
South korea :- 15th may 2014
Netherlands:- 15th may 2014
Mexico:- 15th may 2014
Kuwait:- 15th may 2014
Portugal:- 15th may 2014
Malaysia:- 15th may 2014
Singapore:- 15th may 2014
New Zealand:- 15th may 2014
Russia:- 15th may 2014
Macedonia:- 15th may 2014
Serbia:- 15th may 2014
Croatia:- 15th may 2014
Thailand:- 15th may 2014
Ukraine-15th may 2014
Columbia:- 16th may 2014
Cyprus:- 16th may 2014
Indonesia:- 16th may 2014
Austria:- 16th may 2014
Poland:- 16th may 2014
India:- 16th may 2014
Kazakhstan:- 16th may 2014
Panama:- 16th may 2014
USA:- 16th may 2014
Fiji:- 16th may 2014
South Africa:- 16th may 2014
Taiwan:- 16th may 2014
Romania:- 16th may 2014
Latvia:- 16th may 2014
Vietnam:- 16th may 2014
Pakistan :- 22nd may 2014
Japan:- 25th july 2014
China:- 13th june 2014
 NOTE:- all the information provided above are according to the imdb .

Summary:- if I had to describe Godzilla in short I would say it that the movie is a total disaster not in the sense of its quality but what is shown in the movie where keeping the hope for life is like praying to GOD for giving superhuman power to save the human race from a disastrous monster.
Full review:- if you are looking backwards for the old Godzilla movie you will astonished to see that  what special effects the company Legendary Pictures  have made to make the movie a success.  Here the original Godzilla was a film in which it seems that hydrogen bomb was dropped in city and the city was fully destroyed where the Godzilla was seen sweeping from one end of the city to the other end going through the tunnels , water stream and destroying each and everything including buildings, cars which came in its path. The destruction process was so tremendous that it was unable to stop it and it became unstoppable until the hero of the film got some way out to stop this monster from the way of destroying the city and the film comes to an end.
Now what is the new in this Godzilla released in 2014 that would make the film a big success because this film is being released with its extraordinary competitor X_MAN  so there something got to be new that should entertain the audience in an extraordinary way.
Here the Godzilla is seen to be gumbling your eyes with extensive disaster and chaos and the monster is neither smart or soft-hearted that it may leave someone who came in its path due to some emotions.
Here you get to see a new type of monster named “MUTOS” whose shape are mostly like bats and their speciality is that they appear from the ground and these monsters plays the role of awakening the Godzilla from its deep sleep. Then the Godzilla who is considered to be the father of all monsters starts fighting with the mutos and splashes them down and throw their dead bodies somewhere outside the San Francisco.
There is a scene coming in the picture which captures the Honolulu Airport where a man is seemed to running home to be secure  with his wife  and the four year old son and suddenly there  appears a single shot at the runway which destroys some sort of fish tank and a number of chaos occurs which was unable to fit on a single screen and the sort was too much devastated in nature.
In this film it is seen to be somewhat foreplay of teasing the monster and at the last there is a big showdown under the grand sky by Godzilla and it friends.
There arises a problem in the film where  a military commander seemed to be creating a plan for stopping this disastrous monster which is his one and only aim and it seemed to be following the plan or idea of  a mad scientist which was later found to be well acquainted with the situation and a doctor who then studies on the Godzilla and was able to find out something which actually was not in support of the military action that was taken at that moment of time.
I can make sure that you people will love this movie whether you are going with your family or your friends this movie will throw hilarious scenes and you can’t take off your eyes from the screen to talk to your family or friends because they too will be fully deeped into movie. Then where the question comes about the special effects of the movie  I will say they are great and above expectations and you will not believe it until you see them once because creating such a big monster out of animation and connecting it to real time people really need some expertise and moreover the kind of reality or uniqueness shown in the picture was too awesome and you will find it to be really happening in the modern world. So grab on yourself , take the tickets and go for enjoying such a tremendous film Godzilla and I will make sure  that it will not disappoint you.


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