Wireless Keyboard and Wireless Mouse function and How It's works

Well the terms wireless mouse and keyboard  often makes people think that it’s complicates thing but the reality is just opposite, its simple data transmission and reception technology Where the transmitter is the mouse or keyboard and the receiver is the computer or laptop.
Since in the era of advancing technology the wireless mouse have proved to be milestone  because of its portability  and precise nature. It has been proved enormously good in presentations and the places where wire could really have messed it up.

How a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse work.

Well its very easy to understand. In a wired keyboard or mouse the data or the signals are transmitted through medium i.e. metal wire but in the case it requires radio frequency or infrared.well at the reception point i.e. the computer or the laptop we just require  a USB=Universal Serial Bus which acts as the receiver. It also works with the blue tooth technology. But using the IR technology it limits the area of operation .i.e. it just makes it limited to few meters. Or may be less.
There is an circuit being very precise an IC: Integrated Circuit present on the computer  which encodes the signal and summons the the operating system about the the incoming signal, further the CPU decodes it and present it on the display or the screen.
 Example the code For T is +0054.

Types of wireless keyboard.

1.)Optical Keyboard
2.)Laser Keyboard

1.)Optical Keyboard:

There are basically two components of an optical keyboard  light emitting diode and photo detector.
Printed circuit board is used to embed them upon it.light emitting diode works on the principle of “ELECTRO LUMININESCENCE” and further works by detection of light rays both horizontal and vertical beams are emitted by the LED s and these beams are blocked by the keys which are pressed and hence the keys pressed is detected.

2.)Laser keyboard:

The image of the keys is projected on the surface. Which is flat and this done through tracking of the user’s figure over the cmos or the virtual Interface Processing Core TM which is basically an infrared sensor, which examines the location of the pressed keys. The image of the keys is projected using diodes of different colors the projection is enlarged using diffracting surfaces.  

Wireless mouse and it’s working:

Just like any other device which is wireless it has two components  transmitter. In addition to this a wire less mouse also has ceramic capacitor and oscillator 26.690MHz crystal, for tans mission well the data is only in transmission mode when the mouse is working,else it goes into idle mode .i.e. standby mode.

1.)Optical mouse:

It’s basic components are
Light Emitter(LEDs)
Light sensors
Cmos sensors
The cmos sensors are used to capture the movement of the mouse and convert into the digital signal format and transmitters it to the USB attached to the pc. Well here some digital signal processing is done then after that the DSP:- Digital Signal Processor marks the co-ordinates of the image pattern which is received through the optical reflection.
The technology is used is DotsPerInch(DPI). It uses 400-800 dpi.

2.)Laser mouse:

This mouse has the same working principle as that of the optical mouse . but with the variation in dpias it uses an 2000 dpi technology with invisible laser.

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