Top 10 screen recording softwares for windows and Mac PC

        1.    CAM STUDIO::::

It is a very efficient screen recording software and has the ability to record the whole screen with its activities going on including the audio activities on a computer.
The recording done by this software is as high as industry standard AVI  video files.
It can also produce streaming video files(SWF) which are bandwidth friendly.
Operating system used is windows.

         2.    WEBINARIA:::::

It is an open source software and is very easy to use.
Recording done by this software is in .AVI format and there is an option of transforming it to .FLV file.
It is having an option of start , pause or stop the recording with the help of hot keys.
The most unique feature of this software is that it is able to combine another video input (i.e the video of an webcam) with the recording of the screen.
You are also able to choose your frames i.e from 5 frames to 15 frames per second.
Before running webineria if you are using opera browser then the browser window will be used as the program for the video recording.
Operating system used is windows.


It is a free open source software which helps a user to record his/her webcam to record themselves with the activities going on on the desktop i.e it serves as an important tool for making online lectures in  a very efficient manner.
The file created by it is a FBR file and it can be edited with the help of its video editor.
If you donot want to enable your webcam then you have a chance of skipping the video editing program and thus exporting it to AVI file format .
With the help of this software you can positionize or resize your webcam box before you are going to export it.
For this software you need to register for a free account but after the usage of 30 days you can still see all its functions are enabled before the registration procedure.


By this you can share your screen-view  i.e your screencast online without the need of a program i.e you donot have to install a software on your computer for the recording.
As soon the recording is complete you are provided with  a link for sharing.
There is also an option of exporting your video to MP4 format and then you can upload it to youtube.
For recording without going to the website it gives the user with a bookmarklet.
To use screenr for free you can register with your facebook,twitter,yahoo or your windows live account.


It records your screen as soon as the start button is hit.
It is for those people who just wants a simple without configuring anything.
Sound is not recorded by this program.
You can show you right or left mouse clicks on the video. For if you are enabling the right mouse click then on the cursor a red ripple is appeared and if you are enabling the left click then a green ripple seems to appear on the cursor. This ripple effect is only seen to you when your are viewing your recording.


Installation is not required by it but it need java program to run it.
After the download is complete you will be having a folder where you have to run the ‘KRUT.jar’ file .
The user can set the recording frames per second and also the capture area.
To capture an area there is an option called fo;ow mouse and this option captures the area where your mouse moves.
There is also an option of viewing your preview mode for viewing the actual area captured is right or not.
Output of this program is of three types, the WAV file has no video recorded and only audio is recorded whereas out of the two MOV files one is having both audio and video while the other one is having both audio and video.


It is a screen recording program and comes with a video editor which is in-built in and the user is having the option of splitting a recording into a number of parts and adding text in between the splitted parts.
A user has no options of exporting the video he has recorded.
But the program provides a user to upload the recorded video to the youtube.
If you are a gamer  then you are getting an option of enabling gaming mode where the windowed mode of the game is recorded.
A few number of music clips also comes with the program.


The main features of this software is that it can capture the video as well as can take screenshots.
A user can give text messages or some some sort of arrows to highlight some major points.
The output it generates can be send to , flickr or twitter.
If you are having a microphone you can record audio as well as video.
Operating system used are windows , MAC OS X.


It actually works as a tutorial and presentation creating software.
By this software a user can add boxes for explanation , titles and even can take screenshots.
Supported formats are .FLV, .HTML, etc.
Operating systems used are windows and linux.


It is basically an add-on of fixefox which has the functionability  to record screens frame by  frame and thus can produce efficient tutorials.
It works on all major operating systems.


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