How to install Bluestacks Android App Player in PC - Step By Step Process

Blue Stacks App Player is software created by Bluestacks .It creates Blue Stacks Cloud Connect. Hench enable the  uses to run anorid based apps on their pcs The company came into vision 2008 by Rosen Sharma and Coint, who is former CTO at McAfee and  also a board member of”.
Type: - This is freeware software you can get your copy from the link below

Download Free Bluestacks Android App Player -  CLICK HERE

Blue Stacks App For windows enables the user to run apps like watts app, viber, line etc
On the pc or laptop and is especially helpful for those people who do not own an anroid but desires to use certain apps of anroid, well to them the answer is blue Stacks.  It could be thought of a mobile emulator that runs on windows7 windows 8 Mac os etc.  Hence empowers you to turn your pc into powerful anroid phone with enormous processing speed and yes high speed net.
How to use blue stacks
First download the set up from the given link.
Now run the set up

N.B.: an active internet connection is needed to install the blue stacks it may take several minutes.
After installing the software it will appear like.

Now the screen will appear

 As you can see the several options are there with the featured search option to search the Google play store
Searching and installing an application (app)
Step 1:
First of all click the search option present on the left hand top of the screen

Step 2:-
The search option will get opened then search for some app or game or something which u like say floppy bird for example:

Step 3:-
Now enter the name as per your requirement we are taking the name as floppy bird.

Step 4:-
Click on floppy bird option and there will appear the terms and condition click on accept.


Step 5: when the app will be installed then notification will be received @ the icon as shown on desktop.

Further the app will be available on the emulator
Now run the app and have fun

Now let’s see some of the mobile feel of the emulator
We have a full screen view of the window by passing the key “f11” and same is pressed for the full screen view to the customer view.

 We can also check quick notification as shown

Well as touch screen we ales close an app by dragging it towards right with the help of mouse pointer or touch pad in case of laptops

Well it is no doubt amazing software and certain screen shorts of social networking apps are:


Uninstalling blue stacks
Go to control panel then find (add/remove options for the program)
Select the name “BLUE SATCKS”
C:\Users\ \AppData\Local\BlueStacks


Simply press “x” key it will close the blue stack main window
For shutting it down completely we must select quit option from the status bar icon
As given below:

Disclaimer: All there information is just for knowledge sake. The users are responsible for any harm if cause using this software.

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