How to crack your windows and samsung mobile password Step By Step guide

Sometimes situation such arises that we have forgotten our phone or windows password and it becomes difficult to unlock them instead  I will say it is impossible to lock them if you are having no prior knowledge of computer software or having free programs to do so. Here in this post I will describe some of the tricks and techniques to unlock them without the use of any softwares. Thus if you people get it how to do actually then in urgency you can easily unlock them and thus it will save your time and also money because you need not have to go to a computer shop or any sort of care centre.

How you can break your windows password:::-
Say for an example if someone has made a privacy in his/her computer and you are not allowed to do work on it you will be feeling very bad that your brother/sister is not giving his/her computer. Now what to do in this case???? You can break the windows password and make use of it. Here are some few steps to do so…..
     1.    At first you need to switch on the computer.
     2.    Then you need to go to the start menu.
     3.    Then from there right click on the command prompt and open it as the  administrator.
     4.    Then you need to give the directory path as :- C:\windows\system32> 
      5.    Then to know about the user account and types you need to type the command:- C:\windows\system32>net users
    6.    By typing this command you will be able to know about the name of the user and the type.
    7.    Then you need to specify and give any name to the user whose password you are going to change.
    8.    Then to change the password you need to type the command:- :\windows\system32>net user"username"*
     9.    Then you will be asked to give a new password for the user.

NOTE:- by using this command you are able to change the password only once for a particular system.


    1.    Go to the start menu.
    2.    Open the control panel.
    3.    From there select your user account.
    4.    Then select create a password. This option will create a password for your account.
    5.    Then you need to enter a new password for your account. Down the line you need to re-enter the same password for your confirmation.
    6.    There is also an option to add a password hint so that it will help you to remember your password in the case you forget it.
    7.    Then you need to select on create password option.
    8.    Then click the ok option.
In the case you want to modify your account i.e to change your password for better security you just need to click on change password.


1.    At first you need to switch off your mobile phone.
2.    Then one by one remove your battery , sim card and also your memory card.
3.    Then switch on the phone by inserting your battery.
4.    At the time of switching on the phone will be showing you a notification like start you phone without a simcard. You just need to select the yes item.
5.    Now as the mobile is on you need to type this code :-  *2767*2878#
6.    Some p2p transformations will take place and the phone will be restarted automatically.
7.    Then insert your memory card and sim card respectively.

Now you will see that your mobile has been reset and there is no passwords stored in your mobile. It will also delete all the documents, your messages and contacts. That is your phone will come down to your original position.
You can also use the code *2767*3855# if the above given code is not working properly.
This codes only work for the simple Samsung mobiles i.e I mean that it will not work for Samsung mobiles running an operating system like android.

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