How to create a bootable USB drive or pendrive for windows


Now if you are a daily user of your computer you should know this small and easy tricks of making a bootable USB. Because sometimes some situations arises when you need to format your system to  remove virus infections and at that particular moment your CD drive is not working properly , then what should you do. An easy technique is that you can easily use your pendrive or some external  USB to format your system by making them bootable .Here  I am here to show you how to do it actually:-



All you need to do is to open the command prompt and run it as  an administrator. To run it as an administrator you have to right-click on it and several options appear.  From there you have to select run it as an administrator. In some situations you need to give the administrator password.


In the second step  you have to open the disk management utility. To open the disk management utility you need to type the command diskpart in command prompt.


In the third step you need to display the disks which are connected to your computer . This can be done by typing the command list disk in the command prompt. Then all the disks which are connected to your system will be displayed including your USB. Then you have to note down the number next to your USB drive.


You have to now select your USB drive by using the command select disk # , replace # with the number you noted down from the previous step. Here as shown in the figure the selected disk is Disk 1. So value of # is 1.


Now what you need to do is to clean the flash drive. For this job to be done you have to enter the command clean  to have the disk management utility ans this will verify your USB drive and thus will format your drive.


As your USB drive is clean you need to type the command create partition primary. A message will appeared in the screen saying that the operation was successful.


Now type the command create partition 1 and press enter for selecting the new partition. And after that once a confirmation message is received , type active and press enter. This command will activate the partition.


Now write the command format fs=fat32 to format your USB drive. When you press enter , the program will  run for a few minutes and if the  usb is small example 8GB  then it would take around 25 mins for slow format and all you can monitor in percentage.


Now the command assign is to be entered to give a letter designation to the USB drive and then type exist for the disk management program to come to an end.


The last but not the least step is to copy the operating system you want to install because the USB is now made bootable.  You can drag your files to the USB or simply copy it. For smooth installation of your operating system you should copy all the drivers needed during installation.

                                      TECHNIQUE :-2

It is far simple method to make your pendrive bootable by the use of a simple software . It consists  of a single executable file and it needs no installation.
The advantage of this technique is that it will not erase any of your data from the USB drive and thus it is a timer saver method. Because in the previous case it use to take around 30 mins for formatting.
However this software will only work for the USB device which is having Phison’s chip solution and FAT-file system only.

If the utility shown above fails to recognize your USB then you need to download the HP USB BOOT UTILITY as it will work in any brand of USB  and the best software to create a bootable USB is the FLASHBOOT founded by the prime experts. This software is the most expensive bootable software because it has an extensive support for the drives and having extra number of advanced options. It costs around $31, but you can download its demo version available for an experience. And if satisfied  you can buy it. It is shown below:-

Now once you have succeed in making a bootable USB drive all you need to do is to  change the boot up setting as discussed below:-                                     
1.    Restart your system with your device inserted.
2.    Now you need to enter the BIOS setup menu to change the bios device setting.
3.    Now you have to see the boot-up files are created in the USB rive or not, and then select USB-hdd or USB-ZIP.  Now if the boot up files are seen to be created in the flop drive of your device then you need to select the USB-FDD ( for the pen drive which is supporting the security mode) 
     Now you need to save and exist the BIOS setup and you are now able to boot up with your USb device.

     Hope you people like this article and if you have any suggestions  then you are free to comment below. IF you like then please share it......


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