How can i recover deleted files from my pc using pandora recovery


When we delete a file by pressing SHIFT+DEL on our keyboard in FAT32 or NTFS file system  the file I actually not erased or deleted from the disk but actually in the file allocation or master table the file is marked as deleted. Thus the logic stands that u are having another  chance to recover the file or make it visible for the file system again.
Thus by using Pandora recovery  a user can recover  any deleted files from the NTFS and FAT formatted volumes and it may be of any types i.e  you can recover  your pictures, videos ,songs  and everything  you want to recover. 


Pandora actually will scan your hard-drive and will build a chart for the files which have been deleted and folders if any on a logic drive in your system in the supported file format. Now as the scanning completes u are having the full freedom to recover the files u want and from which destination also. You are also getting the scope to browse the deleted files and also able to search the deleted content from hundreds of them i.e. it will work to u as a virtual computer.
Again another important feature of this recovery is that it allows a user to preview the deleted files having certain formats such as images and text files without recovering it.
Another feature of Pandora recovery QUICK VIEWER  allows a user to  preview the contents in the form of a text if it cannot find appropriate viewers for it. For this function we have to select the deleted file and select the quick view option. Now this quick view will show us a preview of the deleted file.


While recovering a user should keep in mind that he/she should not edit,create or modify data on the drive where your lost data resides in.
Now if your lost data resides in your  local disc C  then it  strongly recommended that you should perform the recovery by removing the c drive  from the computer where the data is present and then performing the fiel recovery by attaching it as  a slave to another computer .


Now as stated earlier when you are pressing SHIFT+DEL in your system our windows shows that this amount of space has been freed in your hard-drive by deleting that number of files. But actually in real sense our file virtually resides in our system which actually  not seen in windows. What happens is that that deleted file remain stored in our system somewhere in an allocated memory. Now a flag bit is set on those deleted files to mark them as deleted. Now as our computers hard drive becomes full that space where the deleted files have been kept with a  flag bit set on them gets overwritten by the new data, thus providing space for the new data and then permanently deleting the deleted files. Thus by using Pandora recovery you cannot make sure that you will recover all your  deleted files. But there is always a higher percentage of chance to recover most of it and this was all about Pandora recovery’s  working function.


Now the installation procedure for the Pandora recovery is as simple as scotch. All you need to do is to run the installation wizard available at and by accepting the end user license agreement(EULA) and then by completing some of the few steps as given below:-

Now by clicking the next buttom you are procceding to the lisence agreement page .  Now you need to click on the agree buttom to accept the liscence agreement  or click ‘cancel’ if you are not willing to agree it. Now please note that by clicking cancel you are one step behind of existing the installation.

Now once you have clicked on the next bittom you see that the installation is in progress and then you will see this window to appear.

 By clicking on the FINISH buttom you have installed Pandora recovery and now you are in full freedom to recover your deleted files.
Now as your Pandora recovery is installed it looks something like this…..

Now if you want to search for some deleted files you need to click on the search tab and this window will open.

Now you need to enter your search specifications for the deleted files you are looking for and click on the search bottom. A list of files matching with your search result will come like this….


by using this option you are getting the option of selecting your hard drive and the drive list attached to your computer is displayed.  The drives which are grayed out is not available for selection because due to some parameters are limited and a user can select only one logical drive.
Now other fields like:_- FILE SIZE BETWEEN gives the user with the opyion to search for files of specific sizes. Then the option CREATED/LAST ACCESSED gives the user to gives the specific dates so that the search is further more specified and thus becomes faster. Then the option STOP buttom will stop the search anr the option RESET will reset all the fields to its default position.

By selecting the scan buttom this page will appear:-


You have to right click on the deleted files and then select the recover icon. Then the dialog box will appear like this:-

 Now press the recover now option.  Then this dialog box will appear:-


Windows xp, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8….


1.      Click on the start buttom.
2.      Click on all programs
3.      Click on Pandora recovery
4.      Now follow the steps for uninstallation  steps.


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