Learn Python Online Course : Complete tutorial for Beginners to Advance 2019

Welcome to the course “Learn Python Online Course : Complete tutorial for Beginners to Advance 2019”. By using this comprehensive course you will learn the basics and advanced of Python 3. This course aims to cover the basics of Python to teach coding to everybody. You don’t need to be developer to take this course. We will assume that you are a complete beginner and by the end of the course you will be at advanced level.
The use of Python will make your computations or the development of the tools which you need to implement quite fast and easy. You will learn the fundamentals of programming in Python.

Why to learn python course ?

The course is designed to build from ground up. This course will take you step by step building on what you learn in each section. Along the way there will be exercises. For each exercise a complete solution will be provided and explained line by line. This course contains Real-World examples and Hands In practical without neglecting the theory and basics.
We will guide you step by step so that you can understand better. This course will allow you to work on the Real-World as a professional.
In this course we will discuss in details the core built-in data structures such as lists, dictionaries, tuples and sets that are used in different types of Python Apps. The Data Structure is a data organization, management, and storage format that enable efficient access and modification.

Free Python Course Online

What you will learn in Python Online Course

Learn basics and theories then learn the advanced methods. 

What is Python? 

Why do we use it? 

This course is a step by step instructional material so that you can go from Zero to Hero. A complete course explaining everything you need to know. Get answers to your every single question and get experienced with real world examples with hands on tutorials.

Who Can Join this course for Free

  • Everybody who has essential computer skills with passion to learn programming with Python
  • College students
  • Engineers, scientists, analysts, researchers, students
  • IT specialists
  • QA members
  • Software developers
  • Web developers
  • Analysts who need to implement programs for specific computational tasks
  • One who want to understand fundamentals of python before taking deep dive in python or areas like machine learning.

  1. Internet access.
  2. Passion to learn coding with Python.
  3. Essential computer skills.
  4. Prior programming knowledge good to have but not a must.
  5. Passion to learn how to use Python with the popular technologies introduced in this course.

Main topics to be introduced in this python course as follows:

1.       Start coding with Python
2.       Variables And Identifiers In Python
3.       Introduction To Standard Types In Python
4.       Getting User Input And Type Casting
5.       Basic Operations In Python
6.       Python Statements, IF ELIF ELSE, FOR Loops and WHILE loops
7.       More Operations
8.       Loops
9.       Functions
10.   Classes – Object Oriented Programming
11.    Basics of Python Programming Language 
12.   Object Oriented Programming, Inheritance, Garbage Collection
13.   File Processing 
14.   Python with SQLite 
15.   Python for XML Related Tasks 
16.   HTML, CSS 
17.   Django 
18.   Cloud Computing & MongoDB 
19.   Tkinter
20.   How To Use Python For Other Technologies, such as PIL and wxPython 

Here are the topics we cover in this comprehensive Python programming course:

·         Understand the building blocks of programming in Python.
·         Acquire coding skills to write programs in Python.
·         Understand loops, conditional execution of code, user input and validation.
·         Understand functions and write your own functions.
·         Learn and create Mail merge program.
·         Learn to read and write files. Handle exceptions.
·         Create and remove files and directories.
·         How to install Python(Anaconda vs direct install)
·         Write and execute your python code from Jupyter notebook, notepad and Spyder.
·         Python programming basics like working with strings, list, dictionaries etc.
·         Methods and Functions in Python
·         Code your own mini game
·         Creating Lists and storing Different Types of Data using lists.
·         Multiple Tasks like inserting, extending, sorting, counting or reversing sequences .
·         Using Operators to Extending Lists in Python
·         Implementing Queue in Python and Filtering the items.
·         Working with Sequences of immutable Python objects.
·         Creating and Handling keys and Values for Dictionaries and copying sequences.
·         Working with collections of mutable and immutable data.
·         The basics of Python programming language by examples.
·         Object-oriented programming concept (OOP).
·         Classes, objects, inheritance, garbage collection.
·         Basic introduction on MongoDB which will help you start coding for Big Data databases and cloud computing.
·         Simplified introduction on how to start with Django.
·         Basic web languages (HTML, CSS)
·         Introduction to image processing with Python and PIL.
·         Introduction to code for graphical user interface with Python, Tkinter and wxPython.
·         Basic introduction for XML and how to use Python for XML related tasks.
·         Introduction for how to use Python for file processing.
·         Introduction to SQLite.
·         Practice HTML and CSS content in this course with free web hosting

What do we need before we start python course?

A PC or Mac with an internet connection is mandate.

By the end of the course, you will understand

  • After this course, you will be able to start coding with Python.
  • After this course, you will be able to implement the basic tasks using Python’s standard library.
  • Create a mini game, Rock Paper and Scissors in python
  • Creating Lists and storing Different Types of Data using lists.
  • Multiple Tasks like inserting, extending, sorting, counting or reversing sequences .
  • Using Operators for Extending Lists in Python.
  • Implementing Queue in Python and Filtering the items.
  • Working with Sequences of immutable Python objects.
  • Working with different Types of built-in methods for sequences.
  • Creating and Handling keys and Values for Dictionaries and copying sequences.
  • Working with collections of mutable and immutable data.

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Digital Marketing Jobs In Bangalore for Freshers Company Like Naukari | Fresherworld

Digital Marketing Jobs In Bangalore for Freshers 

They are looking for a smart digital marketer who has the ability to take challenging opportunities of planning and executing various digital campaign for advertising to the right audience and get maximum results by optimizing and employing creative digital strategies.

Skills : Digital Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Analytics, Creativity, Data Analysis, Writing skills

Digital Marketing Jobs In Bangalore | Noida | New Delhi NCR

Company Name - WorkIndia - Profile - Digital Marketing Executive
Responsibilities :

1. Build strategies to digitally market different product offerings/services.

2. Plan and execute all Paid campaigns on facebook, Instagram and other social ads manager platforms.

3. Measure and report performance of all marketing campaigns, and assess against goals (ROI and KPIs)

4. Identify trends and insights, and optimize spend and performance based on the insights

5. Brainstorm new and creative growth strategies

6. Run Ads for product engagement, product awareness and other business conversion goals. Basically knows all technicalities of most of the ads manager platforms

7. Plan and manage daily budgets in a structured process to get maximum output.

Expected Salary: 6-7 LPA

Learn Web Development Course [100% Free] Complete Premium Course Online

In this course you will learn complete web development , as in the series of web development this is our first course so you need to little patience while learning if you are newbie then this is perfect course to start if you already know some thing about web development then you can easily skip this course , I will attach link of advance course in this web page . So lets come to course structure of web development course.

Learn Web Development for Beginners Course

This is first beginner level course , you can make your knowledge stronger with this course.

In this course you are going to learn about following languages.

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. JQuery & At last Perfect Project

Once you will learn all the above basic of web development then we will move forward and create a web template, Template is very important for any web page , if you are able to create template with this course then you can make any web page according to requirement.

This Course will help students to achieve their first beginner level web development skill.

For Learning this course you need only Little knowledge about HTML, and CSS , You will learn rest two with in course.

Learn Web Development From Starting to Advanced

Suggestion for learning Web Development Course :) 

For taking benefit of this course , Watch complete tutorial step by step don't skip any part of video lecture once first video finish write down everything with pen on your notes then move to next video Because coding will take time to learn it's a step by step procedure to learn Web Deveopment, It is not One day course it's a series of learning material. At the end you will become a web developer.

For every coding video try to write every code with your hands so that you will easily understand what is going in the coding. You will try to format or change code according to your needs.

About Web Development Course Trainer

Trainer was doing web development since 2012. At that time web development was very straight forward. But now a days web development became headache. There are new technologies are added and many more are in the queue. I noticed now when someone try to become web developer. People misguides him.

What Trainer did in this course. Trainer combined all the basic things in web development and make a course.
This Course will help every beginner who want to start their career in Web Development

Web Development Course Content

  • Web Development Course Introduction
  • Setting up Coding Environment
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Know Basic HTML Structure
  • Know HTML Image
  • Know HTML Anchor tag
  • Know HTML Table for Beginners
  • Know HTML Table for Advanced
  • Know HTML List Building
  • HTML List Assignment
  • Learn HTML Form Building
  • Do HTML Form Assignment
  • Learn HTML Form Advance
  • DO HTML Form Assignment
  • Know CSS Introduction
  • Learn CSS Background Image
  • Learn CSS Background Size
  • Learn CSS Line Height
  • Learn CSS text align
  • Learn CSS Text Style
  • Learn CSS Text Indent
  • Learn CSS Width Height & Border
  • Learn CSS Margin & Padding
  • Learn CSS Class & ID
  • Learn CSS Inline and Block Level Elements
  • Learn CSS Floats
  • Do CSS Assignment
  • Learn CSS Flex box
  • Learn CSS types
  • Learn CSS Inline - External Style
  • Learn CSS COmment
  • Learn CSS Border Radius
  • Learn CSS Text Transform
  • Learn CSS Width and height with inline element
  • Learn CSS Outline
  • Learn CSS Letter & Word Space
  • Learn CSS Text Shadow
  • Learn CSS Box Shadow
  • Learn CSS hide an element
  • Learn CSS Priority
  • Learn CSS Add google Font

  • Learn CSS parents child tags
  • Learn CSS Child selector
  • Learn CSS Pseudo Element
  • Learn CSS position Static Fixed Relative
  • Introduction to Javascript
  • Learn Javascript Variable
  • Learn Javascript Variable concatenation
  • Learn Javascript if Statement Complete
  • Learn Javascript if-else statement Complete
  • Learn Javascript Loop
  • Learn Javascript For Loop
  • Learn Javascript Array
  • Learn Javascript Objects
  • Learn Javascript Function
  • Introduction to Jquery
  • Learn JQUERY Hello World
  • Learn JQUERY Click events
  • Learn JQUERY Keyword Events

  • Learn JQUERY Form Events
  • Learn JQUERY Functioins
  • Learn JQUERY Ajax

Web Development Course Requirements

You Only Need Laptop or Desktop with Good Internet Connection With Headphone.

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Faceapp Latest Apk Pro Unlocked Real Face Changer | Download Android IOS Store

Recently gone viral over the internet storm #FaceApp , App that will change your current image in to after 30 years image which is most famous among the teenagers and celebrity, #Faceapp has many features like changing face of color, grown beard on face changing hairstyle, so many premium functionality become more famous among teenagers.

Faceapp Latest Apk Pro Unlocked Real Face Changer | Download Android IOS Store

The latest pro version of #Faceapp will unlocked you pro functionality Like You can disabled analytics and it is more compatible with AOSP , It will transform your face by using artificial Intelligence with just little punch over screen.

So many pro features it has like You can add beautiful smile to your face or any photos that you stored in your media via Faceapp #Russia #App

Next features of this app you can look younger or older according to your choice , So many old celebrity tested it and posted younger selfie and so many new young celebrity posted on #Instagram and facebook #Twitter their old photos

Next feature of this app it will change your face to more attractive than your normal face

Next fature of this app you can also change your gender to more option like Male , female and others

#Faceapp teal recently updated their terms and service please read carefully before downloading this app on your devices

Download Latest Faceapp Apk Pro

Due to latest Terms and condition #Faceapp is removing all free download links from website , if you want to download Latest APK Pro of Faceapp just Comment below in comment box so that I can send you download links of Faceapp APK Pro Version

Car Insurance - How to CLAIM Cashless Benefit From Car Insurance Company ONLINE

Generally Car Insurance is most EXPENSIVE Insurance type, Many people are not aware of black Magic behind this car insurance , At the time of buying car insurance Car insurance company was giving you many free services but when you are claiming back Car Insurance company will Say no to you, Is only you decide which company will provide claim settlement in given type and what type of services you will get during any casualty, you are buying your car insurance right or wrong, Here we will discuss all possibility to get success claim benefit with zero Dollar investment in insurance policy.


This one is major facility not given by Many Car Insurance company , During time of buying car insurance they will say to give proper road side assistance to your car with in one hour of on call service, but majority of cars insurance hide much more information like Area of car accident when you are buying car insurance confirm with your car insurance company that they are providing which location of FREE Service so that you will aware of any situation.


Cashless claim benefit are most serious thing that will check during purchase car insurance, cashless means at the time of claim car benefits you will not pay any amount to car insurance company because if you are not fitting in any terms and condition of car insurance they will surely reject your application or they will demand some price in return of claim benefit , So read there claim form while you are buying car insurance from company. So be sure claim benefit will add in your policy that will be FREE. Also check your car insurance company will provide you free cover to whole car body parts or not many companies hide feature like Broken Glass cover facility or not changing Tyre claim so be care full while checking all these things.


It is one of the most important type of cover you will look while purchasing car insurance, Zero dep cover generally cover all body parts with engine also , Mostly car companies will only cover tyre , plastic or glass cover but your car engine is also costly and important thing that you will look while purchasing car insurance, Many buyer think zero dep cover is full car insurance but many company will only provide you half zero dep car insurance which will again create problem while you are claiming benefit for your car insurance.

According to insurance industry reports from many market research companies there are 4.2 million car owner in the world and every loan and cash car owner buy car insurance from different companies out of them only 0.5 million car owner know true meaning of insurance and how to claim cashless insurance during casualty. when half of million car owner purchase car insurance , So cashless claim is something we cannot ignore.

Almost all the insurance company have a good percentage of their potential customers those are willing to buy car insurance yearly.

The top 3 car insurance comapny in the world are in UNITED STATES, CHINA & INDIA.

In INDIA most of the car owner does not know their potential of cashless cover of their insurance. So result of this more than 60% claim are just rejected in India.


This one also most important while you looking for purchase of car insurance , because most of the cases all casualty happen in this category , car owner should know that THIRD PARTY LIABILITY is also very important in Insurance so that when you meet with some accident you will not pay any amount to front party all things will be maintain by car insurance company and lawyer fees etc, Some are given $5000 - $50000 claim benefit to THIRD PARTY LIABILITY.


Most important claim that will help you in ride freely in anywhere so that mobile car cover all the major cities in your country, if you are travelling lot in country or outside of location check with your car insurance company that they are providing service to outer location or not. so that you should not faceany problem during your happy vacation.

Looking for car insurance search here- Buy Car Insurance Online


Don't fall in magic trap of 75% off on car insurance or 60% of car insurance look for facility they are providing you at the time of casuality, for short duration this offer let you face problem in casualty, so be patience while purchasing any car insurance from company, talk to their representative of all facility that you are looking for in insurance

The most important thing is that When you looking for car insurance on internet Google will record your search history and it will show you advertisement based on that car insurance search history. You will get so many search results with ads on search result page also if you have gmail account it will be flooded with car insurance advertisement so you will have so many company name in your list , check with every company that they are providing all above point of service ar not , be sure to looking in to their policy page that they are providing all FREE at the time casuality. You can simply wipe out from policy page but you should not read carefully while purchasing car insurance 

Der junge Zuger Pirmin Reichmuth ist beim Berggranzfest verletzt

Top-Favorit Pirmin Reichmuth konnte sich am Sonntag dem Berggranzfest auf der Rigi entziehen.

Der junge Spieler, dreimaliger Gewinner der kantonalen Festivals in dieser Saison, hatte im Training unter Muskelkater zu leiden, wie die Fachzeitschriften "Schlussgang" und "blick.ch" berichten.

Laut Pirmin Reichmuths Manager gibt es in dieser Woche eine kleine Vorsorgeuntersuchung.

Der junge Zuger Pirmin Reichmuth ist beim Berggranzfest verletzt
Der junge Zuger Pirmin Reichmuth ist beim Berggranzfest verletzt

Aufgrund von Muskelschmerzen nimmt Pirmin Reichmuth nicht teil, der Lenzburger Nick Alpiger, Gewinner der Zentralschweizer Festspiele, tritt an die Stelle von Pirmin Reichmuth

Der 23-Jährige kann am Sonntag wegen Muskelschmerzen nicht am Bergfest auf der Rigi teilnehmen

Veranstalter der Rigi-Schwinget haben am späten Freitagabend bekannt gegeben, dass Pirmin Reichmuth nicht am Bergfest teilnehmen kann. Anscheinend zog er sich während des Live-Trainings am Oberschenkel zusammen.

Noch immer kein Kommentar von Pirmin Reichmuth. Wir werden Sie benachrichtigen, sobald es sich um eine offizielle Stellungnahme von Pirmin Reichmuth handelt

Dies ist nicht das erste Mal, dass Pirmin Reichmuth zuvor verletzt wurde. Aufgrund von Knieverletzungen verpasste er die letzten beiden Sitzungen. Er gewann bereits die ersten drei Kranzfeste in der Zentralschweiz

Weitere medizinische Tests werden stattfinden, um Sie über die endgültige Entscheidung zu informieren.

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68500 शिक्षक भर्ती की कॉपियों की स्क्रूटनी के लिए लगाई गई 20 टीमें, : न्यूज़ 18 चैनल

68500 Shikshak Bharti

68500 Shikshak Bharti


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